Transfer sensor data over the Internet

This submission reviews solutions for transmitting measurement data from sensors over the Internet (home automation, instrumented machines, etc.). index 1. Needs Exchange of measurement data between industrial machines, home automation systems, educational equipment, software, storage spaces, and display systems (industrial monitor, web browser, smartphone application, etc.).Connected objects are located in separate private networks. The data … Read more

What are the most climate-committed French banks?

SRI Funds, Green Finance, and GREENFIN LABEL: What to Choose? “Before the stickers, even if the saver said he wanted sustainable money, he was relying on the information the bank advisor wanted to communicate to him about the payment characteristics. Labels are a way for public authorities to highlight savers,” explains Paul Kielwasser, thanks to … Read more

ADEUNIS – La Clusaz terminal improves management of its facilities thanks to IoT solutions from Kerlink and Adeunis – 09/12/2021 – 18:00

² Krolls, December 9, 2021 La Clusaz terminal is improving the management of its facilities thanks to IoT solutions from Kerlink and Adeunis Kerlink and Adeunis are two well-known players for their success in providing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. As part of this project at La Clusaz, their solutions are integrated into the logic … Read more

Where is the Intilaaqah program?

Over the past decade, Morocco has launched several projects and reforms to stimulate entrepreneurship, considering it an essential factor for growth, restructuring and development of the productive fabric, innovation and job creation. Thus, the state made its efforts in the field of consolidating the foundations of a modern and competitive economy, to simplify the creation … Read more

La Possession City is moving into cost-kill mode

Such is the case in Maffet where residents, whose children have learned in the Lowlands, have recently learned that assistance in helicopter transportation will simply not be provided. Another potential savings item is overtime pieces that are paid but not employed by nearly all municipal officials. Mayor Vanessa Meranville defends her measures by justifying them … Read more

Inflation slowed slightly in April, to 8.3% in one year

Inflation slowed slightly in the US in April, giving hope that the worst is over, but it eased only a little, as the rise in prices remains strong and affects the purchasing power of Americans as well as the popularity of Joe Biden. The slowdown is already weak: In April, on an annual basis, inflation … Read more

ARTMARKET.COM – Artprice Explained Warhol’s $200 Million in Five Reasons – 09/05/2022 – 13H00

The glamorous face of Marilyn Monroe painted by perhaps the greatest artist in US history is poised to win the second highest auction ever. At least that’s what the prestigious auction house Christie’s claims, without really justifying its appreciation. Shot Sage Blue MarelliN (1964) It will be presented on May 9, 2022 in New York, … Read more

French platform Piepacker became and launched social features

This free cloud gaming service, which has raised 15 million euros, has 2 million users and will open its doors to more modern indie games. Name change for free cloud gaming service Piepacker. Two years after its creation, this French startup founded by Facebook and Twitch alumni is and launches new social features when … Read more

Crowdfunding: Donate to keep HorseCiné alive

To fund the HorsCiné project, both are a platform for free films (the generic name we use, we should be talking instead about films under the Free Distribution License), a cinema for free films, a screening facilitator, and a medium for cultural events, we need you. The crowdfunding campaign will run until July 3, 2022. … Read more

1.8 billion euros plan for the French cloud

French and European recovery plans will help support this sector, which is essential to the competitiveness of the economy. France wants to stay in the cloud race. For this, the government revealed on Tuesday afternoon, at the Paris headquarters of OVHCloud, the third part of its national cloud strategy that mobilizes 1.8 billion euros of … Read more