Yadak, Sorari of French rap develops a card game in the form of NFT

The project, which will be launched in beta soon, offers a video game of cards, in the form of digital tokens. The French rap market will be at the heart of the investments. He is a fan of French rap and Magic Card. Paul Wallaert, founder of Yadeck, wanted to combine his two passions. In … Read more

Why do NFTs divide the technical community

NFTs, these titles of ownership of digital things that are sometimes bought in tidy sums, open up new horizons for digital artists, who often find it difficult to monetize their virtual businesses. But within the art community, these “irreplaceable symbols” are causing heated debate among their supporters and critics. Living from your art has always … Read more

What are the best alternatives?

By Le Figaro published On 06/15/2022 at 06:00And the Modernization On 06/15/2022 at 10:03 Protection of personal data, ease of use, speed … the criteria are numerous. Le Figaro The browser of the same name has not been usable since June 15. It can be replaced by many programs. Internet Explorer is nothing more than … Read more

Artificial Intelligence, NFT, and Other New Technologies: The Breakdown That Shows How Technology Markets Have Lost Their Rationality

Does the downturn in the markets contrast with the technological euphoria that has been expressed in recent years in the media in particular? ©Justin Thales/AFP Blinded by the noise Does the slump in the markets contrast with the technological euphoria that has been expressed in the media in recent years, particularly on AI, cryptocurrency or … Read more

Connected Objects to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Bill

The closing of awnings and movable blinds can be programmed according to the warmest hour. Somfy The smart home is making a comeback at a time when you have to control your consumption. Connected home, smart home… Under these blanket words hide a rich offering of products, many of which have the same purpose: to … Read more

Innovation in favor of the energy transition according to Engie

On the occasion of the 2022 edition of VivaTech, Engy has brought together several startups with which the group collaborates. Detailed collaboration by Stephen Kerry, Director of Ecosystems in the Research and Innovation Division atEngy. How is ENGIE’s innovation support organized? Stephen Kerry: We are developing a culture of innovation in ENGIE and openness to … Read more

Instagram wants to control the age of users with artificial intelligence

The minimum age to create an Instagram account is 13, but many minors lie about their date of birth. The photo and video sharing platform Instagram announced, Thursday, that it is testing new ways to verify the date of birth of its users, especially thanks to an artificial intelligence tool for estimating age via facial … Read more

French platform Piepacker became Jam.gg and launched social features

This free cloud gaming service, which has raised 15 million euros, has 2 million users and will open its doors to more modern indie games. Name change for free cloud gaming service Piepacker. Two years after its creation, this French startup founded by Facebook and Twitch alumni is Jam.gg and launches new social features when … Read more

1.8 billion euros plan for the French cloud

French and European recovery plans will help support this sector, which is essential to the competitiveness of the economy. France wants to stay in the cloud race. For this, the government revealed on Tuesday afternoon, at the Paris headquarters of OVHCloud, the third part of its national cloud strategy that mobilizes 1.8 billion euros of … Read more

Blockchain and its amazing power in food and drug tracking

The blockchain was first used for transactions in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, and now the blockchain is being described as the big new technology that is set to revolutionize almost every aspect of our daily lives. For some time now, companies in the financial or health sector, for example, have been flocking to blockchain technology. … Read more