Between price hikes and inflation, a storm looms for companies already heavily indebted

So far, debt-laden companies have taken advantage of lower interest rates to refinance at a lower cost while deferring the maturity of their loans. (Photo: 123RF) Paris – No more cheap money. Companies seeking financing now must contend with rising interest rates and more vigilant investors in a bleak economic environment. To fight persistent inflation, … Read more

In the stock market, the new stockbrokers slips

The first memorable mistake of Mickaël, a 47-year-old teacher, was “due to poor knowledge of the system”. (Photo: 123RF) Paris – you learn to make mistakes. And in the stock market, many beginners who started in recent years have stumbled on their first steps, with the key to financial disappointments. The first memorable mistake of … Read more

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Reckitt Benckiser and Nestle increased their shipments to the United States in order to resolve a shortage that emptied shelves of infant formula. (Photo: 123RF) News Basics • Kyiv asks the 250 Ukrainian soldiers still in Mariupol to surrender. Ukraine’s military has announced plans to evacuate its soldiers from their last stronghold in Mariupol as … Read more

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Walt Disney is alleviating his concerns about the future of video-on-demand by attracting 7.9 million new Disney+ customers. (Photo: 123RF) News Basics • Biden is looking for ways to prevent Beijing from accessing US data. The Biden administration is preparing an executive order that would give the Department of Justice sweeping powers to prevent foreign … Read more