Microalgae to combat global warming

Microalgae, by definition, are invisibleeye naked. They barely measure a few tens of micrometer. less than the diameter of a hair. Some are talked about because they produce toxins. But microalgae don’t just produce toxins. Far from it, even. from about 40000 Ocean Currently identified in the world, it appears that less than a hundred … Read more

Food poisoning is on the rise in the Caribbean Basin

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Plankton records: diatoms, these glassy-shelled algae Diatoms are amazing microscopic algae that are protected by a silica shell. The queens of photosynthesis, they produce a quarter of the oxygen on our planet. Christian Sardet, director of research at CNRS, takes us for their video interview, in this episode … Read more