La Possession City is moving into cost-kill mode

Such is the case in Maffet where residents, whose children have learned in the Lowlands, have recently learned that assistance in helicopter transportation will simply not be provided. Another potential savings item is overtime pieces that are paid but not employed by nearly all municipal officials. Mayor Vanessa Meranville defends her measures by justifying them … Read more

When Akdital Holding responds to Le360 through the press

Instead of responding directly to our “Akdital Holding: Care and Risky … Finance Ties” survey, the group is activating a media outlet, known to sell its services to the highest bidder. We wrote it frankly, the transparency that Akdital Group demands should be put into perspective. The founder, like the communication department of this holding … Read more

Brussels proposes rules for better data utilization

Brussels, Belgium | AFP | WEDNESDAY 02/23/2022 – Cars, phones, personal assistants … Brussels on Wednesday proposed new rules governing the use of billions of data generated by these increasingly connected, everyday objects to benefit from this economic revolution. “Who owns the data generated, for example, by a connected car? Product supplier, user? This is … Read more

Agribusiness gets major funding from the European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank and Florimond Desprez sign a €40 million loan agreement to finance research into new plant species adapted to climate change. A first partnership aimed at strengthening European competitiveness in the seed sector and adapting to climate change Supporting rural economic development and agro-ecological transformation through innovation in bio-economy value chains Investment … Read more

SCiON Internet takes flight

03.02.2022 – 13:32 Anabaya Systems AG Zurich (OTS) The Internet as we know it is based on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which is an outdated and insecure protocol. With the SCiON protocol, a new standard has been developed at ETH Zurich under the leadership of Professor Adrian Perrig’s research team, which makes Internet traffic … Read more