Bear Market: The Fed Won’t Come To Your Rescue, Not Yet

In contrast to the previous stock market turmoil, the US economy is suffering from a high rate of inflation. (Photo: 123RF) Text by Gabriel Fortin Mail from readers. Since the beginning of the year, the US stock market has been struggling. The tech-heavy Nasdaq is down 30% since its peak last November. As for the … Read more

Stock Market: Worried about growth, Wall Street failed to stop its decline

(Photo: Getty Images) market reviews. The New York Stock Exchange ended a new low on Thursday, in a climate still bleak fueled by signs of slowing growth in the United States, narrowed in its tracks due to inflation and monetary tightening. Volatility continued to surround North American stock markets on Thursday as a recovery in … Read more

Between price hikes and inflation, a storm looms for companies already heavily indebted

So far, debt-laden companies have taken advantage of lower interest rates to refinance at a lower cost while deferring the maturity of their loans. (Photo: 123RF) Paris – No more cheap money. Companies seeking financing now must contend with rising interest rates and more vigilant investors in a bleak economic environment. To fight persistent inflation, … Read more

Stock market: what’s moving in the markets before the opening on Thursday

(Photo: Getty Images) Market review. Markets were still in the red on Thursday, with doubts about growth causing stock markets to flee to government bonds, which are considered safer. After Wednesday’s drop of nearly 5% for the Nasdaq and more than 3.5% for the Dow, Wall Street should still lose ground at the open. At … Read more

Stock market: North American stock markets fell at the end of the morning

(Photo: Getty Images) market reviews. The Toronto Stock Exchange’s benchmark index fell more than 300 points late Wednesday morning as weakness in the financial sector fueled a broad-based decline. The New York Stock Exchange accelerated its decline in the middle of the session on Wednesday, which is likely to erase the large recovery gains the … Read more

In the stock market, the new stockbrokers slips

The first memorable mistake of Mickaël, a 47-year-old teacher, was “due to poor knowledge of the system”. (Photo: 123RF) Paris – you learn to make mistakes. And in the stock market, many beginners who started in recent years have stumbled on their first steps, with the key to financial disappointments. The first memorable mistake of … Read more