Where is the Intilaaqah program?

Over the past decade, Morocco has launched several projects and reforms to stimulate entrepreneurship, considering it an essential factor for growth, restructuring and development of the productive fabric, innovation and job creation. Thus, the state made its efforts in the field of consolidating the foundations of a modern and competitive economy, to simplify the creation … Read more

Keep calm: the basics to consider for investing in the stock market in such a turbulent climate

Traders on the New York Stock Exchange. Financial markets were disrupted in the course of the war in Ukraine. ©Johannes Eisel / AFP Atlantico Business Between the war in Ukraine, disappointing digital promises and uncertainties associated with the energy transition, all investors are tempted to take shelter today. However, there are positive basics that do … Read more

‘Historic’ EU legislation to fight internet outlaws

Posted in: 23/04/2022 – 07:39 European Union member states, the commission and parliament on Saturday finalized new legislation that will make it possible to better combat online abuses such as hate speech, disinformation campaigns or the sale of counterfeit products. Bringing order to the far west of the Internet, better combating calls to kill, child … Read more

Jerome Powell confirmed that he is the President of the US Central Bank

France Press agency , Posted on Friday, May 13, 2022 at 00:25 US Central Bank President Jerome Powell kicked off a second term on Thursday: The Senate voted for Joe Biden at a time when the institution is battling inflation with the aim of not affecting economic growth. The Senate plenary, as expected, decided in … Read more

Much more than just an IT project

Many decision makers see it as a purely IT project because it transforms the business as a whole, so a successful move to the cloud requires collaboration between business and IT departments. explanations. The cloud promises great things: more innovation, more speed, automated processes, and opportunities to grow talent. Most importantly, moving to the cloud … Read more

What do the French say?

Since its emergence in 2008 until today, cryptocurrency has opened the doors to funding and a way to understand its investments. If the popularity of this intangible currency succeeds in uniting its followers, many consumers will remain away from this use. Curious, interested, but also wary, are we really ready to invest in cryptocurrency? Let’s … Read more

What do the markets tell us?

I have never used opinion polls because the financial markets are outperforming them. After all, in the markets, real people vote with real money (their money, or their money), which sounds better to me than questions are asked of a “representative sample of the population,” an idea I’ve always felt highly scientifically questionable. Thus, the … Read more

The Official Bitcoin of El Salvador: The Country’s Population Is Already Back

A man wearing a face mask of Salvadoran President Neb Bukele poses for a photo at a bitcoin ATM, Chivu, in San Salvador, September 7, 2021. Atlantico: On September 7, 2021, El Salvador became the first country in the world to officially adopt Bitcoin. To encourage adoption of cryptocurrency among these citizens, the state offered … Read more

Current Safest Cryptocurrency Investing Strategy

The cryptocurrency market continues to grow. Alternatives to Bitcoin are emerging in order to democratize this investment and make it more accessible. DCA, or “dollar average cost” is worth highlighting for its advantages. Investing without risk: dream or reality? Being interested in the stock market is one thing, and drowning through investing is another. While … Read more

Toward the worst price shock in 50 years: do governments or central banks have the means to act?

The giant euro symbol stands in front of the Eurotower in Frankfurt, home of the European Central Bank. ©John McDougall/AFP Market Concerns In the face of the Covid virus, most developed countries have started to bear any cost. Is there a similar prescription (at least in its effect on protecting welfare) for a negative supply … Read more