La Possession City is moving into cost-kill mode

Such is the case in Maffet where residents, whose children have learned in the Lowlands, have recently learned that assistance in helicopter transportation will simply not be provided. Another potential savings item is overtime pieces that are paid but not employed by nearly all municipal officials. Mayor Vanessa Meranville defends her measures by justifying them … Read more

NFT artwork arrives in galleries

Interest in the “art of cryptography” continues to grow, after the sale of a digital work by artist Beeple on March 11 for $69.3 million at Christie’s. The movement arouses the interest of gallery owners as well as well-known artists. It was only a matter of time. Nearly two weeks after the historic sale of … Read more

For David Hockney, NFTs, which are entirely virtual artworks, may be a ‘scam’

The 83-year-old British illustrator said he doesn’t understand the enthusiasm for “crypto art,” particularly the digital collages of American Beeple, which took home $69.3 million in March. “silly little things“.Contrary to the frenzy surrounding NFTs and the rise of digital art since the beginning of the year, David Hockney doesn’t seem convinced by what some … Read more

The Rise of NFTs: When Art Becomes Cryptocurrency

Artwork captured in purely digital form: This is the new phenomenon of NFTs, a kind of digital equivalent of title deeds. The market is approaching, since the beginning of the year, a billion dollars in transactions. C’est une courte animation de dix secondes, qui montre ce qui ressemble à un gigantesque corps nu de l’ex-président … Read more

A study launched on the universality of the Internet (How to make the Internet accessible to the entire population)

UNESCO Chair in Emerging Practice in Technologies and Communications for Development from’University of Bordeaux Montaigne In France and with the support of the Ministry of Digital Economy, Communications and Innovation of Côte d’Ivoire, a study on “Internet universality” is being conducted in Côte d’Ivoire. The aim of this study is to make the Internet accessible … Read more