Supercomputers can help solve the biggest problem in the blockchain. Here’s how

The MareNostrum 4 supercomputer in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Photo: BSC The world of cryptocurrency is changing very quickly. But it is not easy to develop technology while avoiding increasing greenhouse gas emissions. To say the least, cryptocurrency production is not environmentally friendly. Bitcoin mining – one of the most popular blockchain applications – consumes about 110 … Read more

Webinar on Trusted Artificial Intelligence Amiens Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Webinar on Trusted Artificial Intelligence, 16 March 2022, Amiens. reliable artificial intelligenceWebinar, Wednesday, March 16th at 2:00 PM.Critical complex problems cannot be solved, optimally, by the human mind. The use of effective and transparent AI becomes imperative. Designed by **Professor Zaid Zulaila** and developed jointly with France’s DeepTech INTELLITECH, xtractis® is one of the few … Read more

The largest leisure tourism project in Mont Saint-Pierre is underway

economical development The Place du Village will be the heart of this revival project in Mont-Saint-Pierre. If the stars continue to align, the Mont Saint-Pierre mountain resort project can be fully operational in two years. Imagined three years ago with the seal of approval of the Piermontese residents, this recreational tourism project has already gone … Read more

The ethics of the Caisse de dépôt du Québec continues to be criticized

The Auditor General is pleading that the Caisse de Depot de placement du Québec, which manages $365.5 billion, should strengthen protection and disclosure of conflicts of interest, fraud and corruption related to its investments. In 2019, a series of reports published by our FBI prompted Caisse to launch a major $5 million internal investigation and … Read more

France: RR Crypto Association “loses” its clients’ money – 4,500 victims and millions of euros missing?

It is a crushing blow that may have turned the weekend for thousands of RR Crypto Association members into a nightmare. Via an email, Vincent Ropiot, founder of the Dijon Association and CEO of Chassis, has already announced to his community that the funds deposited on the Binance platform have disappeared since last March. The … Read more

US regulators eye Alibaba’s cloud business

US authorities are currently investigating Alibaba’s cloud computing activities. If they come to the conclusion that the Chinese giant poses a threat to the country’s national security, they can ban Americans from using its cloud service. A mistrust that does not go back to yesterday It is a small committee linked to the Ministry of … Read more