The new generation of NFTs, to use more than one collection

However, “NFTs are very primitive at the moment,” explains Sandy Khund, founder of the startup Credenza. Outside the art world, “they don’t have many functions and benefits.” (Photo: 123RF) NEW YORK – Businesses, institutions, artists or even sports clubs, an increasing number of them are imagining NFT as a utilitarian object, a passport or an … Read more

NFT, Greek Mythology, Hayao Miyazaki E! UK news

As summer approaches, wealthy people prepare their lists for inspiring beach reads. And this year, their Goyard laptop bags will likely be filled with books about innovation, technology, and the Greek gods. JPMorgan Private Bank announced Tuesday its 23rd annual Summer Reading List, which has become a seasonal “list” of literary status symbols for the … Read more

Borrow on NFTs with Nexo

The non-fungible tokens (NFT) market has been growing exponentially over the past few years. There are various applications for your NFT suite and one of them is to use it as collateral to borrow money. The recent developments in Nexo have made it very popular among users. The platform, the leading cryptocurrency trading platform and … Read more

Art: New York’s Brilliant Sales Record

On the plane that has taken him from Paris to New York for May sales in New York for the past two weeks, Thomas Bombard, impressionist and modern art specialist and vice president of Sotheby’s France, had a ball in his stomach. “The stock markets were going down, and that was the toughest economic context … Read more

eBay launches a range of NFTs for athletes

eBay has just launched a set of non-fungible tokens on its website. This first round of tokens is dedicated to Canadian hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky. Other athletes will be honored in the coming months. This initiative aims to democratize NFT technology by targeting internet users who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies. Credits: Wikimedia Commons The … Read more

All about the NFT platform for street artists

After 3D modeling, drawing, generative art, and photography, Street-Art is the great artistic movement of the moment created by NFTs. Cryptos and NFTs are currently experiencing a slowdown, but despite this, some projects deserve special attention, including This is the new decentralized platform dedicated to #StreetArtNFT. This platform specializes in drops of NFT kits … Read more

PBWS and the infinite universe of NFTs

The Blockchain Week Summit in Paris took over the Bronjniart Palace in Paris on April 13-14. The blockchain presentation was an opportunity to discuss emerging technologies in the blockchain ecosystem and look at the latest innovations. Several speakers expressed their views on the importance of NFTs and their role in the coming years. Here is … Read more