Teleconsultation, analysis results …: How do you manage your health on the Internet?

What is My Health Space? ” my health space he is digital health recordwhich was launched by the Ministry of Solidarity, Health Insurance and Health Insurance last February, which allows you to save, collect and store all your medical documents in one secure personal space: medical prescriptionsAnd the Biological test resultsAnd the Operational ReportsAnd the … Read more

Internet connection speed 2022: what order for Algeria?

In today’s world, the Internet has become an indispensable tool for the economic and social development of nations. Industry, diplomacy, business, education, entertainment…there is no room that escapes the omnipresence of this technology. However, today the challenge is no longer just access to the Internet, as the tool has become more democratic; The real challenge … Read more

The number of images and videos of child sexual abuse on the Internet, especially content posted by the victims themselves, which is manipulated by remote attackers, is increasing. Children aged 3 to 6 years sometimes. yon character chilling, when it can be avoided. According to a global report published by the British Internet Watch Foundation, … Read more

The word appears from time to time, and it comes back insistently since the war in Ukraine: Splinternet, a new term that combines “splinter” (“splinter, splinter” in English) and “internet”. In other words, the Internet has broken into several isolated spaces. The term is part of the context of geopolitical rivalry between the United States, … Read more