How Banque Atlantique Cameroun canceled COBAC sanctions

One can talk about an expensive victory for Bernard Kone Dossongwe, Ivorian businessman and president of the Atlantic Financial Group (AFG). On May 12, the Court of Justice of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (Cemac) overturned all sanctions taken by the banking sector regulator against Bank Atlantic Cameroun (BACM), a local subsidiary of … Read more

Bear Market: The Fed Won’t Come To Your Rescue, Not Yet

In contrast to the previous stock market turmoil, the US economy is suffering from a high rate of inflation. (Photo: 123RF) Text by Gabriel Fortin Mail from readers. Since the beginning of the year, the US stock market has been struggling. The tech-heavy Nasdaq is down 30% since its peak last November. As for the … Read more

Alumni Scholarships | Higher education, low income

They collect diplomas and live below the poverty line. Sometimes for less than $20,000 a year. Postgraduate students, with the support of eminent researchers, demand better financial support from governments. Posted at 5:00 am Leah Carrier Journalism Seventeen thousand five hundred dollars a year is not enough to live. “It’s impossible not to fall into … Read more

When you fund the rebels!

As the entire asset management industry works against global warming and the religious professions multiply, comments by Stuart Kirk, global head of responsible investing (sic) at HSBC Asset Management (AM), throw a stinging response. During the “moral money” conference organized on Friday financial timesThe latter has publicly expressed skepticism about the reality of the financial … Read more

Brussels warns Luxembourg

The European Commission issues a series of warnings regarding Luxembourg. After the well-controlled coronavirus crisis, the government is waiting for new big challenges. At the end of April, the government sent to Brussels the Stability and Growth Program (PSC), related to the state of public finances, as well as the National Reform Program (NRP), in … Read more

Investments to be saved in 2022!

Saving is the best solution to prepare for retirement or to realize your personal project (buying a main residence, for example). Too many investments available complicates matters for savers, the smaller the more. Preferred Investments to Save in 2022 ! Life Insurance Handbook A To this day, life insurance remains the main investment for the … Read more

How do I calculate my miles? directions

The mileage scale 2022. This year, the mileage allowance scale has been raised by 10%! A boon to some taxpayers when completing a tax return. How do I calculate my mileage costs? How much will I earn? know everything. index [Mis à jour le 24 mai 2022 à 08h17] Good news, the mileage allowance scale has … Read more

The scramble for ‘security’ commitments

Testimonials from savers who have been disappointed with their so-called “ultra-cautious” wallets abound these days. Among other things, this misadventure reported by a portfolio manager, the story of a family who sold their home last fall and put the money into a seemingly risk-free fund. That nest could have shrunk by a few tens of … Read more