News media plans to diversify its funding with ‘more money than ever before’ –

News media plans to diversify its funding with ‘more money than ever before’ –

New avenues of collaborative financing have proven critical to media innovation and will be key to ensuring the long-term viability of newsrooms and beyond. The media industry has undergone rapid change in recent years, with the rise of online platforms and challenges to traditional advertising revenue forcing a fundamental rethink of the business models that … Read more

are you happy ? Your boss asks you.

are you happy ?  Your boss asks you.

Gary Ridge, who heads the chemical company WD-40, has a leadership style guided by two models – Aristotle and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink. Posted at 11:00 a.m. Emma Goldberg New York times “Pleasure in work puts perfection in work,” said Ridge, quoting the Greek philosopher. Then he picked up a recent internal note from BlackRock. … Read more

Rising Mortgage Rates – When Will Owning Become Less Attractive Than Renting?

– When does owning become less interesting than renting? Is enough! 10-year mortgage rates have finally stopped rising and appear to be stabilizing between 2% and 2.5% in May. Despite everything, the psychological barrier of 2% has been crossed and this latest rise in rates, faster than almost all analyzes predicted, worries (rightly) many borrowers. … Read more

CAC40: It became limited…

In this new weekly update dedicated to the CAC40 Index, Gilles Leclerc invites you to evaluate the behavior of our national index in recent days… At the moment, his predictions are correct… You’ll see that the CAC40 has met our previous expectations, and it can be accessed here if needed. From there, nothing has changed … Read more

The scramble for ‘security’ commitments

Testimonials from savers who have been disappointed with their so-called “ultra-cautious” wallets abound these days. Among other things, this misadventure reported by a portfolio manager, the story of a family who sold their home last fall and put the money into a seemingly risk-free fund. That nest could have shrunk by a few tens of … Read more

From the end of banking secrecy to the end of your financial privacy?

[AVIS D’EXPERT] Transferring your bank details to third parties will become more and more common. Decoding with our expert Guillaume Almeras, founder of the monitoring and advice site Score Advisor. Banks and similar financial institutions are subject to banking secrecy. They are prohibited from disclosing the data they have about your financial life to third … Read more

This is the only way for a Shiba Inu to reach a dollar, the new Shiba Inu symbol can rise |

Shiba Inu rose to prominence during the retail investor frenzy of 2021. Over the course of the year, it generated a return of 43,800,000%, blowing up all other asset classes, including other cryptocurrencies. in dollars, It could have turned an investment of $2.29 into $1 million. For example, the same investment from $2.29 in Leading … Read more