Did DeepMind Really Produce the First Artificial Intelligence Specialist?

DeepMind’s AI processors recently unveiled Gato, a new AI agent described as a “specialist”. The system is very impressive, but the qualification seems disproportionate to many specialists. Everyone who is directly or indirectly interested in this wonderful discipline can attest to this: in a few years, artificial intelligence has reshuffled the cards in many disciplines. … Read more

property tax | Mobilize data centers

Faced with the prospect of a property tax on their equipment, data centers are mobilizing to fight what they see as a game-changer in their industry. Posted on May 6 Helen Barrell Journalism “Data center equipment should benefit from the same property tax credit as that of the manufacturing sector,” explains Bahadur Zabihian, Partner and … Read more

Researchers predict road user behavior using artificial intelligence

For an autonomous vehicle to travel safely, being able to predict the behavior of other road users is essential. The CSAIL research team at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) together with researchers from the Institute of Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) at Tsinghua University, Beijing, have developed a new ML system that could, one day, help … Read more

Charting a safe path in a highly uncertain environment

An autonomous spacecraft exploring the far reaches of the universe descends through the atmosphere of a distant exoplanet. The car and the researchers who programmed it don’t know much about this environment. With so much uncertainty, how can a spacecraft plot a path that prevents it from collapsing due to a randomly moving obstacle or … Read more

Report exposes ‘killer robot’ delusions

The killer robot, embodied as the Terminator, feeds illusions, between immortal, transhuman and apocalyptic scenarios. This grandiose fantasy continues to dominate the debate on the question of the independence of weapons systems. In the name of morality and law, civil society condemns the opening of Pandora’s Box, anticipating the arrival of robots on the battlefield … Read more

The Soft Robot Technology Market will rise at a steady rate in terms of revenue in 2028

search report for Global Soft Technology Robots Market 2022 It is an invaluable source of relevant information for business strategists. This Soft Robot Technology Market analysis contains detailed information that will help you to better understand this report, its scope and application. The report will cover the current quality of the industry and examine aspects … Read more