Bouygues Telecom shakes up the competition with its 65% discount

Don’t be fooled by your ISP charging you excessively for your Internet fund. With Bouygues Telecom Express Discounts, you can get fiber (at excellent speed) for as little as €10 per month. This is clearly a huge deal.

Bouygues Telecom is the big modern ISP of 2022. It offers a set of three internet boxes that respond well to all customer profiles. However, the cheapest formula already meets the expectations of 95% of French users, so it is in your best interest to switch to this formula.

This is even more so because Bouygues Telecom offers this Internet Box with Fiber at an unbeatable price. No, you are not dreaming: you can get fiber (400 MB / s in both directions) for as little as 10 euros per month. When you know that Orange Liveboxes and SFR are quickly over 40-50 euros per month, this flash sale is insane. Be careful, it ends very quickly.

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It is very likely that you already have an online subscription with a provider: it does not matter. By choosing this Internet box from Bouygues Telecom, the latter also compensates you for the €100 termination fee (if you have any). In addition, when subscribing to this telecom operator fund, you can at the same time automatically terminate your existing subscription.

Why choose this box in August?

Stand out Bouygues Telecom from Orange and other SFRs with this quick, easy offer. You will first have to make sure that your home is well connected to the fibers of this ISP. Once on the operator’s website, a small form allows you to enter your postal (home) address and see if you qualify for fiber. Otherwise, there are a bunch of ADSL alternatives but speed will necessarily be less important.

This Bbox Fit formula comes with fiber and a speed of 400MB/s upload and download. For a family with multiple users, this will do the trick. You can be fine with multiple people on Wi-Fi to watch Netflix while streaming without causing a problem. 400 MB / s is enough for almost everyone. You don’t necessarily need to get a few hundred megabytes more than you have from Bbox Must or Ultym (more expensive).

In addition to the broadband internet connection, Bbox Fit also includes all unlimited calls to landlines (in France + 110 destinations). With the Bouygues Telecom Internet box, you also have an associated phone number that allows you to call all landlines. However, keep in mind that unlimited calls to mobile phones are not included by default: you can always add them as additional calls.

The most important element to consider in this offer is the price: This box of fiber requires 9.99 euros per month. To give you a point of comparison, the basic fiber at SFR is €23 per month. Even with the discount, Orange Livebox is sold at 19.99 euros per month at a slightly higher speed (500 MB / s). In short, Bouygues Telecom displays an Olympic format.

Discover Bbox Fit

Best Internet Fund in 2022

Internet box with fiber and high speed like this for less than 10€ per month is insane. From the start of the year to 2020 and 2021, we haven’t seen anything better. If you are looking to save money on your internet bill while enjoying one of the best value for money internet funds: look no further. Bouygues Telecom brings you a platter in August.

As you can read on the operator’s website, this offer guarantees this price for the first year. Then, like all other operators, Bouygues Telecom raises the price. Therefore, it will be necessary to calculate € 30.99 per month after the first year to continue to benefit from this Internet fund at a surprising price. Don’t think this FAI is inferior in the long run: Livebox Orange goes to €41.99 after 12 months. So you will always be at the best price.

In addition, there are two points to consider in this quick sale. The first thing is that you can take advantage of online and in-store support at Bouygues Telecom. If you have a problem with your internet receiver, you can simply have it replaced at a store in seconds. Bouygues Telecom is also known to be one of the best companies in customer service. So you are in the right place to get real comfort with your internet connection.

We didn’t necessarily expect to see such an offer in mid-August: Bouygues Telecom is revitalizing the market with this price cut on its internet fund. Its competitors such as SFR and Orange are not responding at the moment. In any case, it’s unlikely they could do a better job: we haven’t seen a fiber box for less than €10 a month in years. Here, then, you have a very good price for one of the best products at the moment.

To discover Bbox Fit at € 9.99, you will find it here:

Discover Bbox Fit

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