Teleconsultation, analysis results …: How do you manage your health on the Internet?

What is My Health Space?

my health space he is digital health recordwhich was launched by the Ministry of Solidarity, Health Insurance and Health Insurance last February, which allows you to save, collect and store all your medical documents in one secure personal space: medical prescriptionsAnd the Biological test resultsAnd the Operational ReportsAnd the Some photographic procedures…”, explains Garlan Nizon.

Here is the procedure for Create an account “My Health Space” In order to obtain a digital health record:

  • We first receive an email or letter With a temporary code valid for 6 weeks. After this deadline has been exceeded, it is necessary to call 3422 (toll-free number) to receive a new code;
  • Contact us on the home page (www.monespace, then identify yourself by entering this code and your Social Security number and Vitale card serial number written on the front or back. At this point one can oppose the creation of one’s space;
  • If we accept its activation, we Complete their medical file By remaining free to provide all or part of our data: weight, height, allergies, illnesses, treatments, vaccinations, family history, surgeries, emergency contacts, trusted person, directions, etc.;
  • You can download the documents of your choice (running reports, scans, test results, prescriptions, etc.), knowing that if we have a shared medical file (DMP), all the items there will be automatically transferred to this new space;
  • Just for youDoctorHas access to the entire fileAnd so are emergency services like Samu: “A job that can be very useful in the event of an accident,” according to Garlan Nizon.

More and more this process is being done cross-platform, and it becomes very difficult to escape from it – as we have seen with the Covid vaccination. There are many services (Maiia, Ubiclic, KelDoc…) but Doctolip It still occupies a semi-monopoly position. here it is Instructions for making a medical appointment online :

  • We create an account By clicking on the “Contact” tab, then entering your mobile phone number, your email address and the password of your choice. We verify the correctness of the account by typing the code received by SMS, and then fill out a form with the first and last name, date of birth and address;
  • back to home page, Enter the desired health professional by nameif you know him, or know his specialty (general practitioner, psychiatrist, gynecologist, etc.), then the city, where the search is automatically expanded to neighboring cities;
  • a Practitioners List They are displayed with the available slots for each. You have to click on their profile to see if they welcome new patients, what sector of their activity (no additional fees for sector 1, free charge for 2 or 3) and acceptable means of payment;
  • Once you choose a doctor, you can Click on the table that interests us. The type of consultation is chosen: in the office or, if it is proposed and if the conditions are met, by teleconsultation;
  • Select the reason Among those suggested in the dropdown list are;
  • Click on “Confirm Appointment”. An email is sent to us confirming the validity of the visit.

Can I cancel a medical appointment online?

patient can cancel an appointment From his account or by contacting the company directly at the last minute.

all Labs Apply now to patients to transfer Analysis of the results electronically, provided they are authorized to do so at the time of collection. Here is how to retrieve scan results online:

  • Results are sent via email In a password-protected attachment file sent by the tester, or deposited in a dedicated location to which the procedure for accessing may vary.
  • Most common cases: Site address and identifiers are delivered during collection ; An email or SMS is sent when the results are ready, with a link to the site.
  • Once you callwe enter a page where we must provide information to verify our identity, often our name, Social Security number, date of birth, or email address.

Good to know: It is wise to Download results instantly on his computer, where they are sometimes deleted from the site after a few days.

this is Fairly comprehensive health insurance service It allows you to consult refunds, download a certificate of rights, pay per diem, order a new Vitale card, change your status such as giving birth to a child … Here’s how to create your Ameli account:

  • We go to the address at the bottom of the page that appears, click “Create your account”;
  • Fill in the fields: Social Security Number, Name (last name if you are married) … Then you have to enter the last digits of your IBAN (bank details) and your Vitale card serial number, where the first is, in both cases, pre-packed;
  • Choose a passwordwe indicate his e-mail and phone number;
  • We are validating account creation By clicking within 7 days on the link provided by e-mail.

It is only suitable in cases where a file Clinical examination is not necessary : follow-up of a chronic illness, renewal of a prescription, specific symptoms (flu, suspected cystitis …), x-ray analysis or blood test, consulting a psychiatrist … the appointment can be falsified directly by looks Ordinary doctor, a specialist or specialist, who will then explain the procedure to be followed. Otherwise, you have to go through a platform, again, Doctolib is dominant in the market. Here’s how to conduct a remote consultation:

  • You must have seen the practitioner in his office at least once in the past twelve months except, for example, if he has direct access (gynecologist, ophthalmologist, pediatrician, psychiatrist, etc.) or if there is no or not readily available attending physician, or if it was an emergency or a child under 16 years old;
  • Make an appointment online (Read the instructions on the previous page). In the displayed list we see the doctors who accept video consultations;
  • We choose the practitioner, we choose the schedule, then we fill in our bank details so that it is then paid, the price of which is the same as the price of a face-to-face consultation. Finally, we check the correctness of the appointment;
  • We can send him the results of the analyzes before the remote consultation or radio, provided they have downloaded it to your computer, tablet or smartphone. To do this, go to the “My Appointments” section, click “Share a document” and follow the instructions;
  • 10 minutes before the consultation appointment, we connect to our account, section “Rendez-vous”, then click on “Launch the video Consultation”. We wait in a virtual waiting room until the practitioner begins the consultation;
  • He can send it to us at the end of the documents (prescription, certificate, etc.), which can be consulted and downloaded from the “My Documents” page in our personal space.

Good to know: “Make sure you have an internet connection, a high-quality camera and sound, and that you are quiet and not against light,” says Garlann Nizon, a digital inclusion consultant. Some supplements now include teleconsultation in health contractswithout any upfront fees, via partner teleconsultation platforms.

What do we do if we lose?

We can Get help from a digital broker (Association, local authority, community center, MJC, France service agent, etc.). To find one near your home, contact your home’s city hall or community of municipalities.

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