On the Internet, young children are increasingly encouraged to submit child pornography

The number of images and videos of child sexual abuse on the Internet, especially content posted by the victims themselves, which is manipulated by remote attackers, is increasing. Children aged 3 to 6 years sometimes.

yon character chilling, when it can be avoided. According to a global report published by the British Internet Watch Foundation, which tracks and removes child sexual abuse videos posted on the Internet, the number of content produced by the victims themselves is increasing: the association noted Nearly 20,000 web pages of this content in the first six months of the yearcompared to less than 12,000 during the same period in 2021. 8000 extra pages.

A phenomenon that could have exploded at the time of first imprisonment, according to Watchman, which will affect children aged 11 to 13, with 56,000 images reported since the start of the year. But However, the fastest increase is in children aged 7-10 yearsincreasingly manipulated by attackers: + 360% self-generated content since the beginning of 2020 according to missAnd the + 137% among young boys aged 7 to 13 only. Another horrifying fact: These ‘self’ sexual assaults will worry you now Children aged 3 to 6 years.

“Every day I see children who have been asked to undress”

‘Use offenders Apps, online games and social media platforms To seek out children and force them to share sexual images of themselves, says Sarah Blitt, deputy director in charge of child molestation at the National Crime Agency. The Internet not only facilitated this first contact, but also the sharing of child pornography among abusers.”

These attacks, facilitated and captured by the Internet and new technologies, “Do not require the physical presence of the abuser, and this often happens when the child is in their bedroom – the so-called “safe space” in the family home. Therefore, it should be completely avoidable”, believes Susie Hargreaves, Director General of the IWF. Indeed, in images often taken with webcams or smartphones, sometimes sliding wardrobe, baby cot or even toys. It seems that Some children read instructions on the screen note WatchmanAnd sometimes they hide their video in case they get caught.

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“Every day, I see children who have been asked to undress, pose naked or perform in front of the camera,” Rosa, an IWF analyst, says in the association’s report. “They are asked to show close-ups of their genitals and sometimes use household items to masturbate.”

A necessary mobilization for companies, government and police

To combat this phenomenon, Susie Hargreaves recommends Support for parents and guardians To have positive discussions about technology use and sexual assault in the home. But prevention is not the only solution for the Internet watchdog: Tech companies, the government and the police must also “stop this tide of criminal imagery”, argues the association. “Children are not guilty. They are often coerced, deceived, or pressured by online sex offenders,” her manager recalls.

“The cruelty and brutality of people who abuse children is appalling. […] The British Home Secretary Priti Patel, who ensures that all national and international means to prosecute sex offenders are implemented, declared that online child sexual abuse has a lasting impact on the victims. Bill considered in the fall Parliament could also require tech companies to limit the dissemination of illegal content, such as child pornography. They should therefore be compelled to report to the National Crime Agency, under pain of penalty Fines of up to £18 million or 10% of worldwide turnoverIn addition to blocking their websites and applications.

If you want to report violence against children or need help, call 119 – Allô enfance en Danger.

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