Internet connection speed 2022: what order for Algeria?

In today’s world, the Internet has become an indispensable tool for the economic and social development of nations. Industry, diplomacy, business, education, entertainment…there is no room that escapes the omnipresence of this technology.

However, today the challenge is no longer just access to the Internet, as the tool has become more democratic; The real challenge is the speed and speed of the connection. At this point, Algeria has been far behind for a very long time, but for 2022, the situation is finally starting to change.

Indeed, the latest report by Dataportal, a reference site for internet statistics, highlights “a significant improvement in the speeds of mobile and fixed networks in Algeria”.

Internet connection speeds in Algeria in 2022

Dataportal’s report, which compiles numbers from Ookla’s Speedtest global index, indicates that in the first half of 2022, Mobile internet connection speed in Algeria 13.63 Mbps (megabits per second). This represents an increase of 3.58MB/s (+45.5%) compared to 2021.

The Fixed internet connection speed In turn, during the same period, it recorded a noticeable increase of 6.16 MB / s (+ 170%). It now stands in 9.87 Mbps (megabits per second). This increase is due to the decision of the Algerian Telecom Company to reduce the minimum connection speed to 10 MB / s.

With an average connection speed of 13.63 Mb/s, Algeria’s mobile network ranks 119th in the world.

However, in light of the progress made by other countries of the world in the field of Internet connectivity, this improvement remains unsatisfactory. Mobile Internet subscribers complain about frequent delays; Regarding the fixed network, ADSL or 4G, due to insufficient infrastructure, servers are saturated in most regions of the country.

In addition, Ookla revealed that the Algerian Ooredoo operator was the one with the best Speed ​​Score (25.05 Speed) and ™ Consistency Score™ (Reliability, 82.0%) in Algeria in 4e Quarter 2021.

Anywhere in the world?

Globally, however, Algeria is still stuck at the bottom of the table. In terms of mobile internet, Algeria has reached 119e Field (out of 139 countries ranked); The fixed internet is in decline 148e Rank (out of 182 countries ranked).

If other Maghreb countries are somewhat in the same region for fixed internet; For mobile internet, our neighbors are doing much better than us. Thus, Tunisia and Morocco respectively show average speeds of 22.53 Mbit / s (83e worldwide) and 30.07 MB/s (66e worldwide).

A graph showing the speed of fixed internet connection in Algeria in 2022

With an average connection speed of 9.87 Mb/s, the Algerian fixed network ranks 148th in the world.

To give an order of magnitude, it should be noted that global average For mobile internet speed 31 Mbps; And for fixed internet, it is 66 Mbps .

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In the list of countries with the highest connection speeds, we find for mobile Internet: Norway (127 Mbps), the United Arab Emirates (120 Mbps) and Bulgaria (110 Mbps); For fixed internet: Chile (214 Mbps), Singapore (204 Mbps) and China (188 Mbps).

Internet use in Algeria in 2022

According to the specialized website Kypios, Algeria was, in January 2022, 27.28 million users from Internet. Thus, the Internet penetration rate in our country reaches a limit 60.6%of the total population. In addition, Kepios analysis indicates that the number of Internet users in Algeria increased by 1.8 million (+7.3%) between 2021 and 2022.

To put these numbers into perspective, an internet penetration rate of 60.6% means that More than 17 million Algerians do not use the Internet 2022 .

Internet usage statistics in the world in 2022

Key statistics about internet use worldwide in 2022 (trillion = billion).

Finally, the Kepios report reveals that the number of users social networksin Algeria by 1.6 million (+6.4%) over the past year.

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