99% of sea turtles in Florida are born female and that’s not a good sign

Scientists on the beaches of Florida have discovered that all sea turtles born this summer are female! In question, global warming: sex is determined by the temperature when an egg is incubated. The problem has been going on for four years. Researchers fear for the species.

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This phenomenon has been going on for four years. On the beaches of Florida, it turns out that the baby turtles are female! Seven kinds of sea ​​turtle Currently involved and listed by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. the reason: Global Warming.

As in the case of other species such as crocodiles and some lizards or even fish, the genus turtle It is determined by the temperature prevailing at the time of incubation. High temperatures, as it has been for several years, give females, of course. For the equivalent sex ratio, an average temperature of 27.7 °C is required. but warmingair Decide otherwise and increase the temperature of the nesting sand.

A real danger to sea turtles

according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)NOAA), This very low percentage of males could lead to the local extinction ofOcean Which fortunately is not so endemic from Florida. However, this phenomenon does not only occur there. However, a large proportion of female Still less favorable than the opposite phenomenon: nests are often observed with 90% of females. In fact, only a few males are needed to fertilize the eggs. But without any males, almost as in Florida, no fertilizationso no births.

Finally, this phenomenon indicates new consequences for Global Warming that threaten the survival of the species. In Cape Verde, similar consequences are also observed in 2020: when temperatures rise to more than 32°C instead of the usual 29°C, newborns are born smaller, and more likely to die. Cancers kill them on their way to the ocean.

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