Stunning photos of the drought that hits Europe

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The Three quarters of FranceBelgium, Germany and the Netherlands as well as half of England and Poland are in a very arid state with respect to surface dryness (up to 40 cm deep).

In France, one of the most incredible photos of the drought was captured in the Loire Atlantic, with this view making the Loire look like a real desert. The river is currently on the cusp of reaching its historic low:

In Germany, it is the Banke River in Berlin, which belongs to the watershed of the Elbe, and which is now completely dried up in some parts. Several weeks ago, it was rumored in the German media that the city of Berlin was considering the reality of rationing drinking water.

Lac des. On the border between Switzerland and France brinitz Dry: The water level has lost up to 21 cm per day and no boat has been able to turn since July 13.

England experienced the driest month of July since 1935. The situation is particularly tragic in the south of the country: in this region, it decreased by 5 mm in July compared to the usual 23 mm. one of the stations weather report State officials, collecting data for the Bureau of Meteorology, were photographed amid an entire grilled garden:

Several completely dry canals were depicted by the inhabitants of the south of the country:

In Spain, the cigara tank is 84% ​​dry. The country has had its hottest July since 1961. Parts of the Iberian Peninsula are currently experiencing their worst drought in 1,200 years!

The Netherlands is also affected by drought, while the country is known for its humidity. As evidence of the exceptional conditions this summer, these boats froze in a dry river in Nijmegen.

In Italy, the drying up of the Po River has already caused a drop in productionenergyBut it also raises concerns about the consequences of rice cultivation. 16 million people depend on the waters of this river.

The drop in the level of the Po River revealed a 450 . bomb kg result of World War II.

in Portugal, a submerged village, Vilarinho, has returned to the surface due to drought. 45% of the country is in extreme drought. July was the hottest month since the country’s weather records began.

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