Madonna nft art: the mother of creation, what is it?

The Mother of Creation, Madonna’s NFT consists of a series of three animated videos in which the singer appears nude, giving birth to butterflies, insects, and plants, among other unusual items.

What is the mother of creation?

Mother of Creation is an NFT collaboration between Madonna and Beeple, two of the most influential creators of all time, marking the beginning of the first collaboration between Madonna NFT and Beeple. The triptych entitled Mother of Creation revolves around the idea of ​​creation and motherhood, and each of the three works in the collection represents a different form of birth in contemporary life.

A year-long labor of love, the two artists come together to connect with the idea of ​​creation and motherhood that is told through this visual medium. The works use darkness and light to explore the concept of childbirth in the modern world.

Madonna and Pebble donate all proceeds from primary and secondary sales to three non-profit organizations that support mothers around the world. These selected organizations include: Children’s Voices Foundation, City of Joy Foundation, and Black Mama’s Bail Out.

mother of technology

Set in a beautiful forest, The Mother of Technology depicts how science can also enlighten the world, but only if it is used with a good conscience. Centipede centipede represents technology – the power and dangers of life, the tuning of darkness and light. Technology continues to evolve in the physical, natural, and real world; We can do whatever we want, but there are consequences to that. Nature will win in the end. The work is characterized by the poetry of Rumi.

mother of evolution

“Mother of Evolution” discusses the metamorphosis of butterflies, one of nature’s most beautiful creations and a beacon of hope. Butterflies are a metaphor for the paradox that the world is on fire in a post-apocalyptic landscape, but there is still evidence of life. We continue to procreate, no matter the devastation that occurs, no matter what oppression we face. It conveys an important message that if you expect the world to be perfect or your life to be perfect, artistic creativity will never happen. We must do this, for our own survival in this chaotic and unpredictable world. The artwork includes lyrics to Madonna’s hit Justify My Love and original music by Igor Bardykin.

mother of nature

Mother Nature takes place in a cold lab environment with no sign of life, and the hatch gives way to a branch that transforms into a vibrant tree full of life. It grows against gravity and flowers bloom. The tree may bend or break, but it continues to multiply and thrive. This work features a new text by Madonna.

Charity foundations

Enterprise children’s voices She has been supporting women and children affected by the war in Ukraine since 2015 with urgent psychological care. Children shivering from explosions and bullets. They wake up to the sound of sirens and sleep in the basements. Nurseries, maternity wards, and shelters where families look for a bit of security have become targets. Children need our help.

to me city ​​of joy, a V-Day project, is a transformational leadership community for women survivors of serious violence, located in Bukavu, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since its opening in 2011, 1,734 women from Cidade da Alegria have graduated, recovered, nurtured, learned new skills, empowered and joined a network of love and revolution. These women released massive shock and horrific memories. They danced, sang, learned their rights, performed plays, developed their farming skills, and loved their bodies. They have become leaders in their communities. They are no longer stigmatized for being raped. These women are the forces of energy and determination, small entrepreneurs, collective entrepreneurs, innovators, farmers of new land, educators and advocates against sexual violence. City of Joy serves 18 survivors of gender-based violence between the ages of 30 and 18.

to me black mom bail It began in 2017 with a massive rescue of disproportionately incarcerated black mothers and caregivers. 60% of women incarcerated in local women’s prisons have not even been convicted of a crime and are awaiting trial – and 80% are fathers. In the tradition of our enslaved ancestors—who bought each other freedom in many fashionable ways—and focusing on the current traditions of queer black feminism, we launched what would become the National Bail Association. Out (NBO).

The term “mom” has been used to include all women of color and women identifying as a mother, including cis and transgender women, women, gender non-conforming people, and nonbinary people who care for their family and community in various traditions and customs. non-traditional contexts. . We’re not just talking about childbirth and natural mothers. These gender-nonconforming black women, black women and mothers, and their caregivers are often left without support or a safety net when they are condemned to a cage: there is no one to take them. Black Mama’s Bail Out is a campaign to rescue black mothers and guards in prisons and immigration detention centers across the country each year before Mother’s Day, the first mass rescue in contemporary times.

Where to buy Mother of Creation NFTs?

You can access the group via the links below:


The triptych ends with the message that you never know where you will find life and you can never lose hope. All works were designed with a 3D scan of Madonna and worked with Madonna and Pebble. Sound design by Sacha Kasyuha. Proceeds from the sale will benefit three non-profit organizations selected by Madonna and Pebble to continue their missions of supporting mothers around the world. The trilogy was created with the support of Moonpay Infrastructure, which will also donate $100,000 to each charity.

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