Huawei announces new plans to transform the launcher cloud

During his presentation, Head of Marketing and Solution Sales, Huawei Carrier BG, explained how excited Huawei is to support these transformations by helping to increase network value, accelerate service innovation, and improve communications operations to unleash the benefits of connectivity.

“By the end of 2023, 15% of operators are expected to develop and implement end-to-end cloud strategies. This will certainly lead to a telecommunications cloud market worth hundreds of billions of dollars,” said Mr. Peng Song.

Head of Marketing and Solution Sales at Huawei Carrier BG advises operators to prioritize building a more efficient ICT infrastructure to support this expansion and thus take advantage of the new markets that these technologies bring.

“Operator cloud transformation must be based on communications technology (CT) and operators must take advantage of the unique strengths of the telecom industry and cloud transformation to amplify the value of their networks and services.”
The expert from the leading global telecommunications company also advises operators to focus on three specific areas: “First, in terms of network value, operators must expand network boundaries using the cloud and improve network value. In the B2B market to ensure that these developments benefit more customers. Networks is the core asset of carriers, and carriers can take advantage of this feature to synergistically enhance cloud transformation.Customer enterprise solutions to improve productivity, expand the addressable market by 25%.Second, in terms of digital innovation, operators need to create digital cloud platforms service innovation that They can use it to launch a new service faster.Collaborative cloud platforms that connect communications and digital services will accelerate innovation and improve customer acquisition capabilities.In Europe, Huawei has already helped carriers migrate development environments, test environments, and hundreds of services to the Huawei Cloud Platform. This has enabled some operators to reduce the time to market for new services by 75% by utilizing an agile development platform and PaaS capabilities for connections.

Third, when it comes to telecom operations, telecom operators need to use pre-built cloud solutions designed specifically for the telecom industry to support the sustainable growth of their core business. The cloud transformation of telecommunications requires cloud platforms with a distributed architecture capable of meeting the security and data management requirements of adaptive telecommunications service architectures. A rational timeline for cloud transformation is also essential to ensure a robust migration of services to the cloud.

In Asia, Huawei deployed distributed cloud to manage a variety of carriers’ services and features, and used Huawei’s distributed data store to perform data analysis on various services, which improved the success rate of 5G package marketing by 180%.

It must be said that the cloud has become an essential component of industrial digital transformation. It is the primary economic driver through its ability to reshape the economic structure and market landscape of individual industries. /.

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