Do you know how to decipher the mood of cats? Take the test

Studies on our ability to communicate with dogs are numerous. Those who care about the language of cats are even rarer. Here, the researchers wondered how well we could read their moods on their faces. An ability not given to everyone.

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[Article initialement publié en 2017]

It is generally accepted that Understand your dog Relatively easy. The The mood of our cats, on the other hand, are known to be difficult to define. and researchers fromUniversity of Guelph (Canada) confirmed today that far from groaning in contentment and ears again in anger, deciphering the exact expressions of a cat’s face is almost an achievement.

However, some people – such as women and experienced people veterinarian – veterinarian – They showed themselves to be especially talented issue. Researchers call it “Cat Whispers”. They imagine that a skill – important to cats’ well-being and communication with their owners – can be taught to others.

Basis of their conclusions: A study of 6,300 volunteers from 85 countries who were asked to give their opinion after a short viewing cat videos On-line. Until then, the only similar studies—researchers at the University of Guelph found only one, in fact—have evaluated expressions of pain. here is wider Domain Of the emotions explored, including fear and frustration as well as positive emotions.

Few ” cat whispers »

Participants considered the test difficult and received an average score of 12/20. While they were asked nothing more than to judge whether the cat’s expression was positive or negative. Those that researchers classify as “Cat Whispers”– 13% of volunteers – got a score of 15 or higher.

They are generally women. This seems consistent with the results of other studies showing that women are more easily deciphered Non-verbal expressions of feelings men only. In both humans and dogs. And therefore also in the cat. On the other hand, cat lovers don’t seem to be able to understand it any better. While it seems that those with veterinary experience have taken the opportunity to advance in this field.

“It shows that cats have things to tell us. Their temperament is certainly hard to pin down, but it’s not completely mysterious.” , says Georgia Mason, a biologist at the University of Guelph. It now remains for researchers to understand what it is “Cat Whispers”See that normal humans do not see!

And you, do you know how to decipher the temperament of cats? Ready for Take the test?

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