Tiffany sells NFT CryptoPunk pendants at an exorbitant price

American jewelry store Tiffany & Co has launched a necklace dedicated to NFT CryptoPunk holders. Each gem will represent the character associated with the token, and will be sold at an astronomical price…

CryptoPunk NFT holders can now get a handmade necklace featuring their own token. This personal gem of a suggestion Luxury Jewelery Store Tiffany & Cofor humility $50,000 amount.

Each of these pendants have a At least 30 gems or diamondsIt comes with an 18 karat gold chain decorated with five diamonds.

Custom CryptoPunks Necklace

Only CryptoPunk owners can take advantage of this exclusive offer. Pointing out that it is One of the oldest collections of NFTconsisting of images of pixelated punk characters.

These characters are widely used As an avatar on Twitter and other social networks, not by NFT owners or simply by fans who use them as profile pictures without necessarily owning them.

The art style may seem simple, but The average cost of CryptoPunk is $200,000. Despite the decline in the cryptocurrency market and the NFT, this group remains for the wealthy.

Tiffany & Co. To Beat Web3

he is There are only 10,000 CryptoPunks NFTs, and even fewer holders because some buy many of them. Therefore, it is this constrained but affluent audience that Tiffany & Co. desires. in seducing him. By purchasing one of these valuable pendants, CryptoPunk owners will be able to take advantage of the NFT as a symbol of wealth in the real world.

This isn’t the first time that Tiffany & Co. In the world of Web3. In March 2022, the company purchased NFT for $380,000. Then I fired her Cryptocurrency TiffCoin, but it was an April Fools joke. However, this trick served him in the marketing campaign for his limited edition 18 karat gold coins.

However, it is interesting that the US jewelry industry is targeting NFT holders as new customers potential, rather than trying to lure its traditional customers to buy NFT.

CryptoPunks cloned identically with Gems

The company claims that this necklace will appeal CryptoPunk art style with the highest accuracy In particular, we learn that The 3D glasses will be designed with baguette cut diamonds.

The Colors will be restored As faithfully as possible using the natural colors of different gemstones. The CryptoPunk number will also be engraved on the back. All details of jewelry making are available on the official page at this address.

NFTiff limited to 250 copies

Each necklace comes with NFT “NFTiff”, limited to 250 copies. CryptoPunk owners who purchase a necklace from NFTiff will be able to mint and keep or resell it. Sales and minting will begin on August 5, 2022 on the official website dedicated to this address.

This necklace has been added to List of luxury goods related to NFTs. In July 2022, Chevrolet (unsuccessfully) attempted to auction off NFT comes with Corvette 2023. Likewise, Alfa Romeo includes the NFT with its new Tonale SUV.

In the face of the price of NFTs, I understand the luxury industry Investors have a huge budget and are trying to target this new audience. It remains to be seen if the big fish will take the bait…

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