Ray-Ban and Facebook glasses no longer fit your face? Nobody knows how to fix them

After four months with Ray-Ban Stories, we have to temper some of the praise written in our review. Early Meta glasses had design issues, which made them undesirable.

The Ray-Ban Stories glasses were marketed in France in April 2022, and are the first from the Meta range. While waiting for augmented reality to be ready, Facebook’s parent company is working on sunglasses capable of filming and playing music to identify opticians. A clever approach that we welcomed during testing because despite some flaws (especially regarding privacy), Ray-Ban’s stories are fairly compelling. At €329, that was the bare minimum they could do.

Unfortunately for us (and for those who bought it, we’re sorry), we weren’t expecting more serious problems, but we didn’t get to see them during the first weeks. After 4 months of wearing it every day, including half a summer in the sun, here’s the second part of our test.

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Why do we use special screws on the glass?

The first problem that time allowed us to explore: screws. Like all pairs of glasses, Ray-Ban stories unravel little by little. The branches become more and more loose and open at the slightest manipulation, as if nothing were holding them in place, a common position for sunglasses (especially in Ray-Ban), which is generally regulated by going to a specialty store. They can tighten your cup screws for free, in order to make your temples more powerful.

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Over time, the temples of our Ray-Ban stories have become very loose. After stalling for several weeks, we finally moved and sought help from an eye specialist. Surprisingly, none of the five people we contacted were able to help us. Embarrassed, everyone came back, and explained to us that they had never seen screws like these on the glasses. Surprised, we went to the official Ray-Ban store in Paris, where this model has been highlighted on the window for several weeks. New surprise, the store manager told us he didn’t have a Ray-Ban stories screwdriver, and he himself wasn’t aware of this Meta and Ray-Ban pick. He told us he would arrange to order the correct parts, but we don’t know if he’s since received them (or if they are). In any case, it is very unfortunate that no optician has the right tool.

Torx X Ray-Ban Stories
The Ray-Ban Stories screwdriver is a rarity, and optics don’t have the proper screwdriver. // Source: Nomirama

In response to a question from Numerama, Meta explained to us that it uses “TORX+” screws, which no other pair of Ray-Ban seem to use. We are not told why, but we can imagine that these are screws that are more resistant to carrying twigs, which are heavier due to their electronic components. In our test version, they clearly did not succeed in their task. Branches no longer keep anything. Meta told us to contact Ray-Ban support for assistance.

Ray ban stories
Who would have imagined that a small screw on a branch would be so annoying? // Source: Nomirama

Sunglasses that don’t like the sun

Again, this is an issue we couldn’t have seen in April. Since Ray-Ban stories contain electronic components, they are particularly sensitive to heat. It is rarely hot, but reacts strongly to slightly higher temperatures. In July, once we used it by the pool or in the garden, it warmed up. A small voice asked us to put it in the shade to cool it down, while the connected functions were deactivated. A bit silly for sunglasses.

In terms of waterproofing, Meta does not promise anything. We took them on a boat, and they took a few spots, but they seemed to work normally (at least at first, we had problems after that. We’ll cover them in the next paragraph).

In response to a question from Nomirama, Meta noted that his glasses are not designed to withstand splashes or extreme heat. Did you invent the first sunglasses that didn’t like the sun or the water? Did she understand how her customers were going to use this supplement? One can reasonably ask the question.

Ray ban stories
Ray Ban Stories. // Source: Nomirama

Frozen glass when refilling

Somewhat similar to the AirPods, the Ray-Ban Stories glasses recharge in their carrying case. Thanks to the magnets they get electricity. The case, for its part, is recharged using a USB-C cable.

Over time, we have noticed that this recharging process has been volatile:

  • First, the case doesn’t seem to accept all USB-C chargers. Sometimes its LED lights up, but it does not take 1%. We have noticed that it is the most powerful chargers that particularly annoy him. Those smartphones work.
  • Ray-Ban Stories magnets sometimes misfire, preventing the charge from working. Of course, we find out by putting glasses on his head and trying to turn it on.
  • When the glasses do not turn on, it is impossible to know the cause. We occasionally tied up several days without getting it recharged, and then we did.
  • Since the end of July (a week after the boat, but it may be a coincidence): the glasses no longer work. Their LED lights up in the box, but it is impossible to wake them up afterwards (the color code given to us by Meta indicates that everything works). At the time of writing, everything indicates that our Ray-Ban stories are dead. Four months after their release.
Ray ban stories
The On/Off button on our Ray-Ban Stories no longer works. // Source: Nomirama

In short, Ray-Ban Stories only connect when everything is working fine, and that’s completely random. Oftentimes, we have used it only to protect ourselves from the sun, against our will.

Conclusion: review our memo

Despite our notes, we loved Ray-Ban’s stories. In light of all these new problems, which are critical enough to render the glasses unusable within four months, we are obligated to revise our assessment. We’re still convinced that the Meta concept is good, but we’ll have to do a better job with the second generation in terms of durability. In the meantime, unless €329 means nothing to you and you live in the cold and don’t like water, we don’t recommend it.

For info, we’re also updating our first test, with a link to this article, new note, and new conclusion.

The (new) verdict of the test

During our first use, we really liked the Ray-Ban stories. With their appearance similar to regular glasses, they are very practical for listening to music, quickly answering a call, or taking videos during private activities. Some things are quite anecdotal (we don’t use cameras much, just like the “Hey Facebook” assistant), but the product is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, Ray-Ban’s stories are deeply flawed. Their indicator light is easy to hide, which makes spying on people very easy. Their screws are very special, making them nearly impossible to fix. Finally, their lack of water and sun resistance (yes, we’re talking sunglasses), with ridiculous limits. This first generation is pretty messy, but we can’t wait to discover the next.

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