2035: NFTs will be everywhere [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world be like in 2035? – our Preferred encoder Will they disappear or will they be more than ever at the center of our lives? Will the Bitcoin blockchain change the face of the world? We enjoyed, through small stories, imagining our world in the not so distant future. The following story is fictional and fictional without any pretension to guess the future. Have fun with us and indulge in our new summer look. Kick off the DeLorean JDC, the trend of 2035!

NFT soon in the heart of the community?

Ronald appears in the living room with his smartphone in hand.

Mom, I got my bac! I looked at my wallet, and Soul symbol (SBT) High school. State a statement.

Cindy, on the phone with Sophie, turns off the speakerphone.

Sisters, wait, I’ll call you back, Ronald just got his bac!

4:15 pm

Sophie stops when she enters the bakery. It’s raining heavily. She closes her umbrella and joins the queue.

– Hello Lisa, I receive my order.

– 75 e-euros please. Is it Gaspard’s birthday? asks the baker, rolling the cake.

– No, Louis. My husband Hector and his brother took him to the Digital Museum.

4:45 pm

Hector somehow tries to keep an eye on his little monsters. Excited, they run between 3D representations of these digital artworks called NFT. groups Pascal Boyart And the Pebble They gathered in La Rochelle for the occasion.

Works from the NFTs by Pascal Boyart

A terrified museum agent stopped Hector, and ran towards him.

“Sir, did you see someone in disguise?” Madame Michaux just had her wallet stolen.

Hector shakes his head no, surprised. How can people remain without a digital wallet in 2035? Driver’s license, gray card, bio card… it’s all there numbered as SBT today. It’s hard to steal a virtual passport on the street, do you agree?

5:05 pm

Madame Michu’s wallet is already far away. Quai Duperré to be exact. in the hands of the masked thief who unceremoniously crowds Gerald as he prepares to enter his bank, National Bank of Bahrain. Gigi stands facing this rough guy, but in a hurry and soaked in the rain, he pushes the building door and then takes a quick step towards the reception.

Hello, I have an appointment with Mr. Flus, please.

For 5 years, together with his wife, they accumulated trust points, awarded by his bank. Stocked up on SBT, warm in his wallet. Today is the desired day. His points will allow him to get a loan for their house. Soon dream owners!

5:05 pm

Frank Floss cut off contact with his wife, Estelle. For 10 minutes, she was complaining about a pull SBT Netflix from their joint portfolio. This indicates the termination of their subscription. And for his wife, the impossibility of ending the seventeenth season of Stranger Things. A disaster worse than the end of the world to believe his words. But he has a client date, SBT Netflix renewal can wait tonight, damn it.

Hi Gerald, what can I do for you? He asks his client with a hint of annoyance.

Netflix, NFT-based services in 2035?
Could the future operation of services like Netflix depend on NFTs?

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6:20 pm

Estelle turns off the TV and gets up, waking her two cats, Edgar and Felix, next to her. With her best friend Cindy, they went to see their favorite artist, DJ Ridoo, mixes. Performing at the Sandbox for a Anthology virtual party. So she put on a holograph, headed into the metaverse.

DJ Redo, cozy in his soundproof studio, checks his turntables. His music will be broadcast in a virtual world but his live performance will be very real. Concrete as 200,000 spectators are waiting for him to enjoy his music. bad luck P2E Cup Double Battles It takes place at the same time, which reduces its potential audience. Whatever it is, the occasion is unique. Ushuaïa is from Ibiza but it is virtual.

In 2035, DJs could perform live concerts in the metaverse and spectators attended with their tickets in the form of NFTs.
Soon more virtual reality concerts in the metaverse?

BattleBot Cup, Double Fight, Qualifier Rounds, 7:30 p.m.

Ronald, under the control of NFT TheEverai, struggles with a Bored Monkey Yacht Club (PikeExaggeratedly armed and rebellious. Sam, his partner, just exploded into a thousand pieces by the bomb from the space monkey Cantina Royal. His Meebits is sneaking. After being eliminated, Sam counts on Ronald for the win, synonymous with reaching the second round. Believe in their lucky stars.

“Sam, go to the table!” He calls his mother Lisa. Your brother just came home.

“And dad?”

– It mixes, you know.

Hey, did you buy a new wallet? Sam asks, passing his twin brother Charlie down the stairs.

This does not answer. He goes to his room, leaving a trail of water droplets, and closes the door. Empty the wallet of its contents. Jackpot win! 10 euro class. A true collector’s item, a relic of the ancient world is almost impossible to find now. Hacker Harry mentioned that he would be able to pay Mask. He knows how to add fake SBTs to any wallet. A pale version, sure, but enough to fool his parents for a while. And he must, at any cost, make them believe that he got his bac, at least until the scheduled vacation with his friends at the end of July.

Some scenes from the story are depicted in this illustration.  Gerald is at the bank, Hector is at the museum, and Ronald and Sam are playing P2E.


Harry has heard that his father, Gerald, is coming.

– What a dog weather, really! Cindy, we have a loan from the bank, he told his wife. All those good points accumulated, it was worth it, right?

Outside, the rain is increasing.

Games, arts, metaverses, clubs, brands…but also diplomas, certificates, identity papers, movie tickets, concerts… real A starting point for our future identities In a digital world, NFTs and more specifically Soulbound Tokens (SBT) could revolutionize our lifestyles within a few years. What will the applications be? Hashur also provided some evidence in his latest video. Will NFTs soon occupy our daily lives?

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