When the mowers sing “Happy Birthday” to the Curious!

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[EN VIDÉO] Curiosity: A year on Mars in two minutes
Discover in this interval a year of Mars exploration in two minutes. Curiosity in action: The rover rolls and digs… © NASA / JPL

Ten years ago, on August 5 or 6 (depending on spindle Schedule), the Curiosity rover of NASA Landed on Mars, in Gale Crater, after a breathless landing sequence. Curiosity’s goal was to showhabitability From the landing site, which is also made possible by the Cnes ChemCam tool. Ten years later, despite damage to the movement system, the rover continues its adventure. To date, he has traveled 382 kilometers and climbed to a height of 612 meters. It also obtained 494,540 images, drilled the ground 35 times, and took 6 samples. It also returned about 3,102 gigabytes of data, of which 883 scientific papers were published.

To celebrate this anniversary, there are several ways. The classics, which consist of narrating discoveries and conducting assessment interviews and those called edutainment. Among all that caught our attention is the Husqvarna Initiative, the world leader in lawn mowers Robots, they pleasantly surprised and delighted us. In fact, the brand decided to celebrate the anniversary of Curiosity, the world’s most lonely robot, by letting Automower® robotic mowers sing a unique happy birthday to it.

On August 5, 2022, the Mars Curiosity Rover will turn ten years old. A choir of 100,000 robotic mowers will sing “Happy Birthday” to the loneliest robots in the universe. © Husqvarna

In fact, Husqvarna will create a choir robots Earth to wish him a happy birthday in a somewhat surprising way. For this purpose, Husqvarna has developed an update that will be available to a total of 100,000 Automower® mowers (405X, 415X and 435X AWD models).

Beyond the fun side, nice technical performance

Obviously, these mowers weren’t designed to sing all the time. Behind this initiative was a nice technical performance of updating the alarm unit of the respective Automower® mower models in order to have them sing “Happy Birthday”.

“At Husqvarna, our engineering teams occasionally test new technologies out of sheer passion. It all started with the alarm unit developed on the Automower mower.® : We started experimenting with this feature to see if we could do something fun with it. In the meantime, we heard about the approaching birthday of the Mars rover and little by little the idea began to take shape. It’s a way for us to pay tribute to the incredible work that NASA has done, while allowing our mower robots to celebrate another humanoid. Because no one should sing Happy Birthday to themselves, right? »says Bjorn Manifred, Head of Programs Robotics In Husqvarna.

How do you join the choir?

Customers will be notified of the update Across Husqvarna Automower® Connect app, where the installation request will be sent. Consumers will then have the choice to accept or decline it. By accepting it, the Automower® robotic lawn mower will automatically sing a Happy Birthday tune on August 5 at noon, 3pm and 6pm (local time) to celebrate 10 years on Mars Curiosity.

After Curiosity’s birthday, the Christmas carol will be made available to customers who own all three Automower® models on a permanent basis from the beginning of September, to bring more joy to family birthdays.

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