Von Karmann swirls

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Thousands of years ago, humans learned to predict the weather through cues from nature. Among them, clouds can give a good idea of ​​short-term weather.

At first glance, these traces may indicate the passage of planes or machines from another world through the cloud layer. Some may also see it as a phenomenon weather report More classic, like hurricane or depression. But it is in fact a completely different and completely normal phenomenon: Von Karmann waves ‘, also called ‘von Kármán vortices’, or whirlpool von Kerman.

turbulence around the mountaintops

This is a recurring cloud pattern of small swirls caused by Separation currents around an object. The object in question is an island, or a archipelagoSuch asHawaiiOr Madagascar, the Canary Islands, the West Indies or Cape Verde, the regions where it is often observed. Small islands that are often volcanic often with very high mountain peaks, such as Hawaii’s Heard Island, which has a summit of 2,745 meters.

These mountain peaks located on islands have the power to cause disturbance In atmospheric circulation: mountains are obstructions that cause a low area the pressure. This becomes visible on satellite imagery if cloud cover is present, such as clouds Stratos, very low, thick and uniform. The Wind blows on the inscriptions and this creates a small whirlwind in Clouds.

When the first vortex moves away with the wind, a second arises, and so on; That is why a real “vortex alley” can be created in the wake of one or more islands. If the winds are constant and strong, this whirlpool can move several hundred kilometers from the island. It’s rare to notice the von Kármán swirls of land, and when that happens, the view isn’t really that impressive. They are visible mainly on satellite images.

Von Kármán whirlpools are also found in our cities

Von Kármán’s vortices are named after the discoveries of a mathematician, physical and aerospace engineer Theodor von Karmann. This American scientist, of Hungarian origin, was not the first to discover them, but it was he who made it possible to understand them. This phenomenon not only forms near mountaintops, but also forms on a smaller scale (which cannot be seen by satellite images in this case) around electricity and telephone towers and antennas. carssubordinate chimneys Artificial or any natural or artificial height.

The small fluctuation they cause in the currents can cause annoying noises, sometimes even breaking the edifice in question. That is why there is a wire twisted around the car antennas and some towers, which breaks the formation of these vortices. Surprisingly and still in search condition, some insects It may use similar small eddy currents forming around its wings to fly faster.

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