Tools Bought Online, Tooth Decay… What You Need to Know (and Avoid) for Successful Teeth Whitening

A beautiful smile, in the style of a Hollywood star, is simple: these are very white, well-aligned teeth. But in practice, over time and some bad habits, they can take on an ugly gray-yellow-brown tint. “There is an intrinsic discoloration of the teeth, which naturally makes them more or less white. The surface discolorations are related to our lifestyles. Consumption of coffee, tea, soda, tobacco, tannic wine, red fruits, spices or industrial foods rich in dyes will lead to the loss of tooth whiteness. Health (UFSBD). A very common phenomenon that can be so complicated that you don’t dare smile.

Hence the growing success of teeth whitening techniques, which are gaining more and more followers. As a kit purchased online, at smile bars or in dental offices, teeth whitening is performed at all prices, but not to the same degree of effectiveness or safety. 20 minutes It reveals the secrets of an ultra-pure smile without compromising dental health.

Teeth whitening for dolls

How can the yellowing of the teeth regain their whiteness? “It’s simple, there is only one product that is able to lighten teeth by oxidizing their color pigments, and that is hydrogen peroxide,” says Dr. Likert. “European regulations are very clear: the maximum concentration of a product that can be used in the office is 6% of hydrogen peroxide that is present or rejected.” A derivative product, carbamide peroxide, is also frequently used. On the other hand, in smile bars as in over-the-counter whitening kits, the maximum allowable concentration is 0.1%. Inevitably, we cannot achieve the same results.”

In practice, “most often we use the ambulance method: we make an impression on the patient’s mouth to make gutters, applying hydrogen peroxide gel, as Dr. Likeart describes. They should be worn on average three hours a day for up to three weeks depending on the color of the teeth and the result On the other hand, these products only work on natural teeth, not on fixtures, crowns, and veneers.”

In terms of price, “prices are free, and can range from 400 to 1,200 euros, as the dental surgeon points out. Differences that can be explained by the location of the practice or the practitioner’s bad reputation.”

Precautions to be taken

“Before you start bleaching, you need to make sure your mouth is in good health,” Dr. Likeart emphasizes. In the case of caries, the protective barrier is broken, and even with a 0.1% concentrated product, hydrogen peroxide will penetrate deeply inside the tooth, with the risk of fatality. Ditto in case of inflammation or gum disease, hydrogen peroxide can aggravate it. Hence the importance of dealing with this in advance. Then we can do the bleaching process, which is a cosmetic dental work.”

What you should not do

Don’t want to spend hundreds of euros at the dentist to find whiter teeth? “Beware of Grandma’s remedies, such as using lemon juice alone, or even with baking soda, warns Dr. Lecoart. Lemon juice, which is very acidic, can definitely give an instant whiter appearance, but it will remove minerals and weaken tooth enamel, giving it a chalky appearance. If We additionally rub the baking soda, which has a relatively high particle size with an abrasive effect, we will remove part of the enamel layer, which is irreversible: the lost enamel never recedes.While with toothpaste containing it, it will be a fine powder than bicarbonate, which is much finer, and will have a polishing effect, without damaging the enamel. ”

And beware of the temptation to buy a whitening kit online. The dental surgeon warns that “what is a big problem when buying online is that the products can come from the other side of the world and contain concentrations that do not comply with European regulations.”

I tested it

Tips Lisa has heard and applied. “With my teeth somewhat yellow, I wanted to whiten them. But it was impossible to buy cheap products on the Internet! So I went to my dentist to do it, to be confident,” says the young woman, who paid “400 euros”. I had stylists to wear for two weeks every night. And some side effects: tooth sensitivity and redness in the gums. This tooth sensitivity is “recurring, but it is not systematic, and it varies from person to person, but it is temporary,” Dr. Likeart reassures. To avoid this, it is recommended during treatment to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth: after wearing the gutters with peroxide gel, clean them and put this toothpaste in them, leaving the gutters open for five minutes, before rinsing them, ”the practitioner.

A year after whitening, Lisa is still satisfied with this: “The result is flawless and my teeth are still perfectly white.” And to keep your smile super soft, “After drinking tea, coffee, or any other beverage that yellows your teeth, you immediately drink a cup of water to rinse off the tannins,” Dr. Likeart recommends. It’s like a cup: If you rinse it right away, there will be no trace of tea or coffee. But if you wait too long, you have to clean it until it is clean again.”

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