Sigfox South Africa officially launched its operations

sigfox South Africa has officially started operations based on SqwidNet’s IoT network assets. his goal? Stimulating innovation and promoting inclusive economic growth. And this with increased employment opportunities.

In the face of numerous losses in income as well as a continuous and gradual decline in its sales for several years, SqwidNet She decided to close her business. In fact, even after laying off several employees in June 2021, the group’s Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH) group company was struggling to hold its head above water.

Fortunately, a large-scale restructuring was carried out. This is to ensure that IoT connectivity services and solutions are distributed to various partners again. At the same time, the company’s main customers crowd By buying stock To save Sigfox partner in South Africa.

Sigfox South Africa: For better credibility of IoT investments in Africa

When Sqwidnet was launched in 2016 as a licensed Sigfox operator for the African market. became South Africa Market entered 26 by Sigfox. Unfortunately by mid-2021, Sqwidnet stakeholders had generally decided to restructure the company. But also licenses and network assets managed by SqwidNet. From this restructuring, Sigfox South Africa was born.

In cooperation with prominent investors such as Discovery Insure, Fidelity ADT, Macrocom And the Buffet InvestmentsThis new brand will now be able to adapt its operations and strategy to the ever-changing local IoT market.

And of course, the Sigfox 0G Public Network You will continue to work under this new brand. Sqwidnet customers will still be able to enjoy uninterrupted access to Sigfox’s 0G network. The goal is always the same: it’s not just cost-cutting. But above all reduce the complexityMass adoption of the Internet of Things in all sectors. As Raymond Ndlovu aptly said: “By learning from the lessons of the past, Sigfox South Africa will be able to enable the Internet of Things to have a more positive impact for all.”

from his side, UnapizThe Sigfox’s new bossis particularly pleased to welcome Sigfox South Africa to the global community of 0G network operators.

The company’s CEO also believes that Sigfox South Africa will improve growth And the adulthood The massive Internet of Things in South Africa. The service will also play a vital role in the growth of African economies. But also economic inclusion, community development and personal success.

Focus on Sigfox 0G Technology

On the market since 2011, the 0G technology from Sigfox It was designed from the start for the use of the Internet of Things. With its low initial cost, lack of periodic maintenance and scalability make it an ideal solution forThe Internet of things. For Sivi Moodley, this calling service is now one of the main in South Africa. This is because of their positive and important impact on a large number of value chains at the local level. Knowing that most of it depends on its durability and viability.

Thanks to the investment of all these partners, it is now possible to provide a solid and robust platform. That is, while participating in the development, adoption and growth of new use casesThe massive Internet of things.

Moreover, according to the South African Internet of Things Industry Council (IoTIC), through the transmission of data and critical decisions, today’s massive IoT plays a vital role. Sigfox 0G technology has made it possible to demonstrate the potential to put the Internet of Things at the service of societies. But also people and companies.

Among other things, it allowsImprove security systems And to make urban services more efficient. but also to automate mining and manufacturing processes to Better productivity.

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