New Formula, Engine, B2B… SHADOW Develops Public Cloud

In addition to its new cloud gaming offering, SHADOW is making divisions and diversifying its business with the hope of establishing itself in the public cloud computing sector.

During its Shadow Spotlight keynote, the SHADOW brand announced that SHADOW will be coming up soon. In fact, the cloud gaming platform – or rather, cloud computing as of today – has announced that it will diversify its business. Players are still part of the program, of course, but the brand is also introducing a new power option, cloud storage, and a catalog of B2B offerings.

Going forward, SHADOW is a changing cloud ecosystem that is aggressively positioning itself in several sectors at the same time. This diversification begins with its standard cloud offer. The original formula at €29.99 per month is still valid; But now, content creators will be able to harness the power of the cloud thanks to the new offer called Option Power for an additional €15.99.

Power option: AMD EPYC CPU on the list…partially.

The bill is salty, but it will qualify you for better quality hardware. Customers of this format will already have access to machines equipped with AMD EPYC CPUs, which are chipsets more dedicated to professional workstations. In this case, it would be the 7543P model, a monster with 32 cores for 64 threads and 256 MB of L3 cache! On the other hand, customers will be able to access only 4 positions for 8 threads of this segment for more than 5,000 euros.

GPU level, there will be significantly more options. We find NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 class cards, but also “equivalent cards designed for professionals”, which probably refers to models from the Quadro range. It will also be possible to choose the latest AMD GPUs within RDNA 2, in particular the Radeon PRO V620 designed specifically for cloud computing and cloud gaming. Note that available models vary by geographic location.

Shadow also took the opportunity to add new features that won’t be reserved for this new offering, but extend to the entire range. We note for example an overhaul of dual-screen support, a general improvement in colorimetry and the opening of early access to Shadow VR, the “first fully cloud-based VR experience”.

Shadow Drive: Up to 2TB of cloud storage

To complete this new ecosystem, the brand also offers Shadow Engine, an online storage solution designed in partnership with Nextcloud. There is nothing special to report at this level; At first glance, it’s a pretty ordinary cloud storage offering. It will allow you to store, sync and share your files easily and from anywhere via the web interface or a dedicated client.

Note that Shadow insists that all servers will be located in Europe and operated by a European company as well; No Amazon Web Services in the equation, for example. An argument that could have its small effect among those fleeing America’s titans like the plague. Shadow Engine will be available Free storage space of up to 20 GB service customers. The premium version will be available from €8.99 per month, with the ability to store up to 2 TB On-line.

New B2B department for business, training and education

Finally, and perhaps the most interesting part of these announcements, the brand announced its arrival amid much fanfare in the B2B sector. Clearly unhappy with its breadth of offering, it is now expanding it into the professional world to provide businesses with the ability to build and manage a fleet of high-performance cloud-based computers.

It must be (very) sophisticated workstations, As Shadow claims these computers are for digital creative professionals such as graphic designers, 3D designers, architects, engineers…

Shadow also intends to offer its solution to schools and other educational institutions. She also believes that companies can bet on this system to train their employees in virtual reality without investing in an expensive specialized machine. In any case, it will be interesting to see what devices the brand will offer to its customers, especially for the price.

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