Innovation Week: Huawei Cloud allows operators to maximize connectivity

(HUAWEI) – Huawei presented its new cloud services to telecom operators at the Carrier Cloud Transformation Summit organized as part of the Win-Win-Huawei Innovation Week.

Huawei shares its enthusiasm to support transformations that help increase network value, accelerate service innovation, and improve communications operations to unleash the benefits of connectivity.

The cloud has become an important part of industrial digital transformation and is now seen as a major economic driver due to its potential to reshape the economic structure and business landscape of every industry.

SUE RUDD, Director of Strategic Analysis for Huawei, which analyzes the trends of cloud activity in the global telecom industry, asserts that “ Huawei is taking its partners to new heights. The cloud has become a major factor in digital transformation considering the structure and market of each industry. Cloud transformation in the telecommunications industry has entered a very critical stage with both opportunities and challenges rapidly emerging. “.

According to the speakers who spoke during these exchanges, it is estimated that 15% of operators around the world will develop and implement a global cloud strategy by 2023. Cloud in communications represents hundreds of billions of dollars in value creating fierce competition among the major cloud service provider” advises DONG LIBIN , Director of Marketing Department at Huawei Cloud Computing.

Thus, to support this expansion and to take advantage of the new markets these technologies are creating, operators must prioritize building more efficient and more resilient ICT infrastructures.

According to Mr. PENG SONG, there are three areas that operators need to focus on to seize the opportunities that arise.

First, in terms of network value, operators need to expand the boundaries of the network with the cloud and improve the value of the network in the B2B market to ensure that these developments benefit more customers. During the exchanges, participants also indicated that operators should create synergies with HCPS, and in particular they can learn a lot from iperskeller. They are encouraged to transition to industry standards and multimedia.

In China, Huawei provides advanced network and cloud capabilities to enable carriers to provide their enterprise customers with solutions to improve productivity, expanding their routable market by 25%.

Second, in terms of digital innovation, operators need to build digital service innovation cloud platforms that they can use to launch new services faster. for Huawei” Everything is service It all starts with infrastructure as a service, technology as a service, and experience as a service. All of these experiences are localized and shared in the cloud. Whether it’s on-premises, hybrid cloud, public cloud, or enterprise cloud.

Third, when it comes to telecom operations, telecom operators need to use pre-built cloud solutions designed specifically for the telecom industry to support the sustainable growth of their core business.

Huawei Cloud is committed to supporting operators and their customers. The services provided revolve around security and remote work. For Chen Shijun, Director of Solution Marketing and Solution Sales at Carrier, Huawei Synergy Cloud-5G” Huawei Cloud also lays a solid foundation for transforming finance and finance services. Research, evaluation, and implementation are levers of implementing a robust computer system. Safe, reliable and low maintenance costs are an asset to be explored. Huawei Cloud wants to make services more flexible and deliver more values ​​to customers and employees from all of its customers “.

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