Carrefour is gradually moving its virtual machines to the Google cloud

Since 2020, Carrefour has developed a strategy Move to the cloudwhich lasts until 2026. “Our problem is that we have heterogeneous systems, and for the most part they are very old. To migrate all these applications to the cloud, we chose Motion”Lift and transform“from applications without touching it and without making it cloud-native, but simply moving it from a physical server to a virtual server”summarizes Damien Kaznaf, chief technology and CISO at Carrefour.

VM . selectionwareGoogle Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE), It was a simple choice for a distribution brand to migrate their VMware applications to the cloud at workperhaps before reApplication development and creation original cloud.

“For software that has been around for decades, it is easy for us to move it as is to the cloud.”

Damien CazenfCTO and CISO, Carrefour

Consequently, Carrefour found it less costly to keep existing applications intact than to redevelop them. We are talking about a thousand requests. “The new applications that we will develop will be original cloud using containerization technologies, but for software already in place for decades, it’s as easy for us to swap as in the cloud, in order to reduce Share with usInfrastructure and operating costs, improved availability compared to Uhclassic residence at work »Provides Damien Cazenf.

Applications that will stay in the workplace

Strong relationship with Google to me eYou aree Signalseveral years agobeeven if Carrefour works with other clouds sponsors that is Microsoft afalsifye and Oracle Cloud for Oracle databases. “It made sense for me to go to Google, given our partnership, and the technological choice that was made. Google helps us a lot with digital transformation, in particular In directed use cases storesclients, etc. »justify Damien Cazenf.

Currently, 57% of apps migrated to the cloud, with a goal of 100%. Old software will be deprecated (or incorporated as features into broader spectrum applications) by 2027. In addition, some tech gadgets cannot and will always be transferred to the cloud at work. As the project spreads over the next five years, Carrefour is gradually migrating its applications. Rushing in order to take advantage of any new offers from third party publishers is also avoided.

Economy and flexibility

The main reason for that Lift and transform It is the economy. But the resilience of the cloud in terms of resources and system stability also played a role. “We had several data centers to maintain ourselves or to outsource, Which requires a lot of human energy, especially when data center expansion is required. The ease of managing the cloud is another argument.”pointed Damian Caznav.

However, in the long run, the cloud is not necessarily the cheapest: “We are instead of the game FinOPSthat is, adapting cloud resources so that they consume only what is absolutely necessary.” explain Damien Cazenf. The machines are turned off at night, and they are automatically metered according to the orders sent to them. The team trains operators to stay as close as possible to the need for CPU power and uptime. On a scale like Carrefour, Carrefour would lose millions of euros without this team.

Today, 9,000 servers operate at Carrefour – including 57% in the Google cloud, therefore. Previously Carrefour operated 6 data centers. TheNew VMs are hosted in Google data centers located in Europe for convergence reasons.

Azure Trading

“We felt like we were providing more service than before, and delivery and driving were great accelerators.”

Damien CazenfCTO and CISO, Carrefour

Security-related upgrades and applications run on GCP – including Workspace, since 2017, for the group worldwide, for cost issues and especially for collaborative functions. But Carrefour is not limited to Google: the commercial part runs on Azure.

For this, Covid was an accelerator for driving, home delivery and pedestrian driving. In particular. Today, e-commerce is the subject of strong developments, particularly for faster delivery. “We felt like we were providing more service than before, and so was the delivery and the car Great Accelerators »Eases Damien Cazenf.

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