10 years on Mars and what a perilous adventure!

He’s been scanning Martian soil for 10 years now, looking for vital fingerprints that clarify the question: Was there life on Mars, yes or no? Curiosity covered more than 28 kilometers and revolutionized our knowledge of the Red Planet, but it almost passed through it several times! Go back to the adventures of this little rover.

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[EN VIDÉO] Curiosity: The movie Descent to Mars
Imaged by the Mars Descent Imager at 4 frames/sec, the descent (2.5 min) of Curiosity into the Martian atmosphere, from heat shield separation to landing.

If it has revolutionized our knowledge of Mars’ past, little Curiosity roaming, in excavation since August 6, 2012, has sustained some damage en route. But what were they? Barely a year after starting his journey, he felt the first fear: Curiosity of Indicates a loss of energy. Then NASA researchers try to clarify the problem, relaunch after a week, and in the end all is well!

As of December 2013, the terrain of Mars was strewn with gravel, so the particularly rugged terrain was almost overtaken by Curiosity wheels ! It has deteriorated too quickly at a rate according to the scientists responsible for its design, but that doesn’t stop the rover from continuing its mission ofMars exploration ! So much so that in 2017, its wheels have had many impacts, especially because of the rocks called “to Back Fromcrocodile ‘, especially dangerous. The researchers then integrated a new algorithm into the rover, allowing it to adapt its speed to the terrain.

Curiosity encountered memory problems

But the most alarming was not at the level of the wheels of this rover, but in its internal system. In fact, no live fixes are possible, everything is done remotely, so that if any failure prevents any communication between Earth and Mars, the mission is in jeopardy. And so, in 2018, when Curiosity encountered memory problems in Central Uniteverything was settled very quickly in order to avoid serious damage, and all data was transferred to the “second brain ” The Robot !

Other failures occurred during the 10-year rover exploration, including some unexplained It also happened in 2019 when it rebooted into safe mode without NASA researchers knowing why. But this does not prevent him from continuing his mission today, as it was initially planned to last only one Martian year, or 687 days!

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