The UFO discovered by perseverance has disappeared and NASA knows what it is

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[EN VIDÉO] The amazing landing of perseverance on Mars
NASA’s Persevering Mars mission captured stunning images of its rover landing in Mars crater Jezero on February 18, 2021. © Nasa / JPL-Caltech

Remember, we were talking about it a few days ago. On SOL 495, on July 11, 2022, perseveranceThe rover From NASA, he sent a stunning new image to Earth. It’s a strange structure shaped like a plate of spaghetti. And before more pictures were taken, she seems to have been stunned before Wind. Despite everything, NASA engineers just managed to identify it.

It will be, in their opinion, a mesh piece in dacron – a high-strength polyester. piece, therefore, of Heat shield perseverance. The engineers note that this piece of netting appears to have suffered significant wear and tear. Which suggests that he must have been exposed to equally large forces.

wreck to study

What surprises the NASA teams most is not that their rover has discovered remnants of its landing system in Mars surface. Rather, it is the amount of remains he has actually seen and the distance from which they have been found. Although the system was deliberately crushed a few kilometers from the site of scientific interest. According to researchers, it was probably worn naturally on the side Hugoluo apartments by wind. It will be necessary to ensure that it does not constitute a source of radioactive contamination For samples taken on site by perseverance.

So engineers will continue to study all these things space debris Found by rover with two other purposes than to satisfy the public’s curiosity. Ensure that it does not affect the smooth running of the task. As well as improving future missions to Mars. or somewhere else…

Mars: perseverance encountered a strange structure lying on the ground

Did someone spill a bowl of spaghetti on Mars? This is what you might think if you let your imagination run wild. Unless it’s a fossilized creature or a ball of yarn. In fact, what we see in this image conveyed by the perseverance chariot is something completely different. NASA check.

Article from Natalie Meyer Published on 07/23/2022

a Gatea snake head, a stone in the scale… for a few weeks and months, and Missions that explore the surface of Mars Currently (Curiosity and Perseverance for NASA) never stop revealing funny and interesting images. This time it’s time to persevere again. An image that NASA’s rover sent back to Earth in early July shows something that might look like a bowl of spaghetti. Or interlocking laces, your choice.

The photo was taken on July 12 – SOL 495 – by one of the so-called hazard avoidance cameras scanning the landscape in front of the rover. To avoid disappointment. But NASA teams have not yet been able to clearly identify the object.

More and more debris on Mars

However, it is a safe bet that the object in question is nothing more than something new space debris. Maybe leftovers fromPerseverance landing on Mars Over a year ago now. This wouldn’t be the first time such debris has appeared in NASA images.

Last month, Perseverance had spotted a shiny piece of metal. It was most likely identified as a piece of his heat shield. Earlier in the year, the helicopter was cleverness who referred to others landing wreck. of between it the umbrella perseverance. Lots of evidence that space exploration leaves traces. And perhaps a chance to seize the issue before it becomes a real problem.

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