SFR launched the ultimate fiber show that shook the competition

For an indefinite period, SFR Fiber is at a lower price. What you can take advantage of high-speed Internet, TV and telephony connections with maximum savings.

If you can’t afford to pay so much for your online subscription, it’s time to change your offer. At the moment, SFR is offering a very nice promotion for fibres. Thus, the fiber-optic subscription to RED Box is currently at an unbeatable price of €23 per month! This offer is particularly interesting because it is non-binding.

For that modest amount, you can take advantage of the quality of your ISP’s network. As a reminder, the latter allows you to enjoy high performance. In fact, thanks to the nice €7 reduction you are now entitled to because in normal times, SFR fibers would cost €30. There is also a television and landline phone.

I take advantage of the offer

And if you change ISP, you have up to €100 to be reimbursed by SFR on termination costs, even if you are a new RED box customer still subscribed to your old ISP or a previous SFR or RED box customer who moved less than 6 months ago. With this offer, SFR shakes up the competition and thus allows you to make significant savings on this item of spending.

Why choose SFR fiber?

Choosing SFR fibers offers you a whole host of benefits. First, in addition to having access to very high speed, television and fixed-line services are included. Also, in case you do not qualify, nothing prevents you from turning to the ADSL offer, also at a very special price of 17 euros per month.

As far as fiber is concerned, you obviously benefit from a superfast connection at very high speeds. Here are the details of the services included in the SFR Fiber Internet Subscription:

  • Internet: WiFi 5 up to 1 Gbit/s for download | 500 MB/s in fiber upload and 1 Gbit/s in download | 100 MB / sec send THD. Include SFR Cloud with 10 GB of storage.
  • TV: Without TV decoder 35 channels included only on smartphone and tablet via RED TV app and on PC / Mac via website with 8 hours of recording available.
  • Phone: Unlimited for landlines and mobiles. Destinations are included from your box, to mainland France landlines and foreign administrations as well as landlines in over 100 countries and mainland France mobiles and overseas administrations.

As you can see, the TV part is very basic, as you have access to a package of 35 channels. It can only be accessed on mobile devices with the RED TV app and on computers via the website. To take advantage of a more complete service, you will have to pay 29 euros on purchase (instead of 60 euros).

This way, you will have a Connect TV decoder. If you want to go further, you also have the option to subscribe to the 100-channel option (with or without a TV decoder) for only €3 per month. As you understand, Red By SFR with its internet offering intends to revolutionize the competition and retain its new customers as much as possible.

Pay in general, the option that allows you to take advantage of unlimited calls from your box to landlines and cell phones, is offered by your ISP. Regarding ADSL, the services are exactly the same. The only difference lies in transfer speeds that are logically reduced at certain speeds between 12MB/s and 20MB/s for download and between 500KB/s and 1MB/s for upload.

I take advantage of the offer

Red Box: The best internet device on the market

Like we said earlier, you have everything to gain by choosing the SFR Red Box. First, you benefit from a reliable and efficient service that you can customize as you wish in order to better adapt it to your expectations and needs. Connect TV also gives you the ability to turn your TV into a connected smart TV with ease.

Connect TV features Android TV, which gives you access to all RED TV services – plus streaming 4K HDR content, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Provided, of course, that you have a TV or speaker compatible with these technologies. The connection part consists of a video output, an HDMI 2.0 port, an audio output, an optical S/PDIF port, an AV port (mini jack), and a USB 3.0 port.

So it can be paired with many devices. If you order more, you can also turn to the SFR Box 8, offered as an option at a price of 7 euros per month. The latter makes it possible to get a connection 3 times faster, especially thanks to WiFi 6, to recall, 50 times faster than ADSL. This is the best solution that allows you to service more equipment and enjoy the Internet without ever losing speed.

Indispensable and at a price of only 23 euros, the SFR Red Box will please all users. Especially since thanks to this great deal, you can now enjoy fiber speed at a low price, all without the commitment.

To take advantage of the special offer for a fiber optic subscription or ADSL Red Box SFR, it is available here:

I take advantage of the offer

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