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Last October, the entire Futura team embarked on an ambitious project to celebrate the media’s 20th anniversary:audio editing The first paper magazine. After a few months, Futura magazine finally sees the light thanks to 2,300 contributions collected on Ulule And hard work in writing and decoding.

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Special Offer FAQ: “3 months of subscriptions = Mag Futura Offer”

  • What is the special offer for subscriptions for 3 months = free Mag Futura?

Now and until August 28, if you join our subscription plan Digital “Share the Life of Futura” on Patreon, you get Mag Futura for free. You must remain enrolled in this offer for more than 3 months in order to take advantage of the Mag Futura on offer.

You can decide to choose a monthly subscription plan, without obligation. In this case, you will receive Mag Futura after 3 months of subscriptions. After these 3 months, if you like the content we shared with you and the benefits of subscribing, you can stay subscribed for as long as you want 😉
If you decide to support us by registering for this year, you will receive Mag Futura directly. We send you a small message to let you know about sending a mag.

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If you’ve subscribed to the monthly “I’m participating in the life of Futura” formula, you will receive Mag Futura the third month of your registration.
If you have subscribed to the formula annual From “I Share a Futura Life”, the Futura Mag is sent directly to the delivery address you indicated.

  • What will I discover in Mag Futura?

Mag Futura is our first paper magazine. It consists of 4 main thematic files:

To learn more about Mag Futura, its origins and ambition, go to Our Ulule page.

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If you have a subscription toFutura is ad-freeYou can upgrade your subscription by choosing a plan. Share in the life of FuturaTo change your subscription level, follow these steps:
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  • I don’t live in France, can I get a mag futura?

As part of this special offer, Mag Futura is delivered in Belgium, Switzerland and France only (excluding metropolitan France).

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So far, we have two subscription formats to give you the opportunity to support our media and its journalistic work. first formula Futura is ad-free»It allows you to get guaranteed ad-free access on the entire site and its services for 0.80€ per week.
second formula Share in the life of FuturaIt includes the advantages of the “Futura without ads” formula and immerses you in our media secrets, starting from € 1.50 per week. You have the possibility to vote to select records or topics on Futura, to access exclusive contents in the preview, to exchange with our journalists, etc.

At this time, the special offer is valid for subscription. Share in the life of Futura »It allows you to get Mag Futura for free.

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If you decide to sign up for the “Futura No Ads” plan, you can browse the entire Futura website with limited ads for €0.80 per week.

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  • What are the subscription prices?
    • Subscription “Futura without ads”: 0.80 euros per week, that is, 3.29 euros per month.
    • Subscription “Share in the life of Futura”: 1.50 € per week, or 6.29 € per month.
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Patreon is the platform we use to manage our digital subscriptions. So it is perfectly normal to be redirected to this external page. Patreon allows you to be part of the Futura community and support us through an annual or monthly contribution. In return, you are entitled to certain benefits, such as browsing without ads or exclusive content.

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All posts (videos, images, text, audio…) that we share with you can be accessed via your subscriber area on Patreon. To see them, you have two solutions:
– You receive an email as soon as we publish on Patreon. So make sure our posts don’t reach you Spam emails when registering.
– You can also access all posts simply by logging into your Patreon subscriber account. Log into Patreon and tapicon the account. Next, tap on “My Subscriptions” and tap on Futura.

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Click on this link Which takes you to our Patreon home page. Choose a subscription plan Share in the life of Futura Choose the direct debit you prefer (monthly or annually) and don’t forget to tell us your delivery address.

Mag Futura, making science accessible to the world’s greatest.

Our bet in this first version is to evaluate 4 main themes that will determine the future. More ideas, less fake news.
In the summary of this composition, you can discover:

Mag Futura is designed as a guide to help you understand the main topics, covered in depth by the cross-sectional viewpoints of many experts. He wants to be different and also complementary to the site. At the heart of this copy are original and unpublished formats:

  • big folders
  • Exclusive interviews
  • field reports
  • Tutorials
  • Great educational comic
  • Two science fiction stories

Thank you again for the feedback! Your words and enthusiasm when reading our first work of ours bore us. You should also know that it is still possible give your opinion the mag via this study. All of your answers will be valuable for us to look at other numbers!

Discover Mag Futura for free!

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