Volcanic eruption in Iceland as you’ve never seen it before!

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[EN VIDÉO] Volcanic eruptions: Drones present us with an unprecedented view
Volcanologists and engineers from the universities of Cambridge and Bristol have used drones to photograph and conduct unprecedented surveys during the eruption of two inaccessible volcanoes in Guatemala. The first would greatly help in researching the causes of these phenomena.

While the shot has become king, a photo dating from a few months ago is definitely out of date… but when this photo has something so incredible, and amazing, what a great idea to keep it hot (no pun intended), just to highlight it later, When the flood of eruption pictures passes… that’s what Bjorn Steinbeck With this video of Gildadalur volcano.

Volcanic spring!

Either in volcanology or for photo loversThe advent of the drone was a real revolution! In fact, it allows to see the eruption from above, as in these images, even if the absence of landmarks still requires a simple explanation to understand what we are seeing …

Drone here above cone A volcanic eruption, about 60 meters high, that formed during the eruption of the volcano from March 19 to September 19, 2022. The crater it contains, which this close-up image shows in full, is about 80 meters in diameter.

From May 2 supply the silhouette By means of the volcanic chimney, which lies exactly under this volcanic cone, it becomes discontinuous: the phases of activity follow periods of calm of a few minutes, a bit like a geyser. During the latter, the deadlock wash From the small puddle in the hole that allowed the formation of a smooth hard crust on the surface, the color Gray, shiny, witness the formation of volcanic glass by almost instant cooling.

Then big bubbles rise Gas Pushed by the volcanic chimney magma upwards, forming a kind of bulge in the middle of the lava pool. The the flow At the level of the outlet of the volcanic cone, in the lower part of the image, then increasing. Finally, after a few seconds, the gas bubbles penetrated the surface and formed bubbles that increased in intensity to finally form true jets, which are called lava fountains. And it took a few minutes for the activity to stop and a new period of calm began…

Another video, in the tweet above, shows the same sequence seen from the side. We notice perfectly well the lava springs, whose fragments are heated and partially falling on the sides of the cone …

When will the next eruption be? The next eruption? thus ?

Stunning: Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption photographed by a drone

Stunning drone video footage captured near Iceland’s small volcano Mount Fagradalsfjall is spreading on the Internet. This is the most impressive moment.

Article from Louis NephewPosted on March 22, 2021

Flirting up close with an erupting volcano is not a good idea, except when a drone is taking that risk. A no-network journey over the lava flows in Fagradalsfjall, not far from the capital, Reykjavik, is what the Icelandic videographer managed to achieve. Bjorn Steinbeck. These are undoubtedly the most breathtaking images circulated on social networks. After lava flows close to the ground, the drone climbs up the mountain and passes through lava outcrops above the crater. A wonderful and disturbing flight – especially for a drone – interspersed with nice slow motion. The author of the video does not explain what Planes He filmed it, but it’s probably a brand device DJI. Given his tracks, he seems to have been experimented with from a FPV Headset.

This is arguably the most impressive video of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland. © Bjorn Steinbekk, mbl.is

Wakes up after 800 years of hiatus

Since Saturday, the public has arrived in this area volcanic Approved provided you don’t get too close to lava flows and take care of CO2 fumes matchsticks and gas. With this audience reach, stunning footage and photos are broadcast in Mass Across social networks. This is the first time in 800 years that this volcano has awakened. He was already going to expel 300,000 cubic meters of lava. as such volcanologistsYou have to take advantage of it, because the eruption of this small volcano should not last long.

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