Hautes-Pyrénées: Orange subscribers have been deprived of the phone for 3 weeks, and they see red

For three weeks, about thirty subscribers of Orange in Andrest, including many professionals, had no telephone or Internet connection. The operator seems to fall on deaf ears, with interventions as rare as they are ineffective, at least for the time being.

About ten days ago in our article, Fabian, the pharmacist of Andreste, expressed her difficulties with communication. “It was really a problem,” she says, “we have had no phone and no internet since July 18, and it’s impossible to use payment terminals or our devices for remote transmission,” she says, “and to everyone’s credit, last week we were on duty.”

Of course, she goes to Orange, where for the first time she is offered, ironically, a phone appointment with a technician, when her line does not work … Despite her insistence, the operator assures us that everything is fine, and the breakdown does not come from them. “Maybe, but then they gave me an Air Box, a small wi-fi box, that works more or less, we don’t have the fiber speed, it disconnects regularly and I had to bring, on my tunnel, a professional technician to adapt our software to this case… Honestly, It’s not serious, we have professional subscriptions that are more expensive than those of individuals, with dedicated services, for example, 24/24 help and a commitment to repair within 48 hours.” We are far from that…

In the café’s bakery, Bernard Moret and his wife want to get out of this situation quickly.
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“Orange does not guarantee!”

Same for Stefan and Sonya, who run Proxi, right next door. “Since July 18, we have nothing left, we can no longer accept payments by credit card, nor make our daily orders, which are done online or by phone. We contacted Orange, who offered to take delivery of the Air Box. You understand, we have That we go get it, they don’t even move! Mind you, it’s already a miracle to be on the phone, and when we have them, they answer that the accident, you’re talking about an accident, it’s been taken at the expense of a big deal!”

Sonia and Stefan, the managers of Proxi have a sense of being

Sonia and Stefan, the directors of Proxi have a sense of “walking”.
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Stefan does not rule out taking legal action with others due to lack of service. Especially since the Air Box, which had somehow been working until then, had just left after a power outage. “We’ll go back and get another one…” It’s the same frustration as Bernard Moret and his wife, who run Le Meutron, the village’s bakery and café. “We’re like our colleagues, we don’t know what to do anymore. We put an antenna box, but it works half the time. We can restart Orange, nothing happens, they send the ball to us, tell us it’s not coming from the net. When we insist a little and get angry, they promise us discounts on our subscriptions.” , but we don’t care, what we want is for it to work! If the part had still lasted two or three days, we would have adapted, but now it’s three weeks. Right now, because we’re not out of it yet!”

Delphine Dupuis, director of the interior design firm Castellanos, was also impressed at the entrance to the village. Ironically, a giant telephone antenna adjoins the site. “But it doesn’t do any better with all that,” she exclaims, “we can ask Orange, they send us technicians from their subcontractors, who check that our fiber connection is correct, it is. The problem comes from the Orange network, but they don’t want to admit it.” So, yes, we managed to get an Air Box, but we had to configure it ourselves, otherwise it didn’t work. By the way, it works when it wants, and you don’t often… But we need an internet connection and a phone to work, to contact our customers and suppliers “.

At Castellanos we try in vain, despite temporary solutions to restore access to the Internet ...

At Castellanos we try in vain, despite temporary solutions to restore access to the Internet …
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One of her collaborators, who is at the forefront of technology and has industry contacts, explains: “Not everyone is to blame, but the problem really comes from Orange, it could be a badly installed card in a locker in Vic-en-Bigorre. The same meltdown occurred For Ibos three weeks ago, it was fixed quickly, just put it back in. Something like this might happen, when plugging it in, but the problem is that orange doesn’t want to assume. And it just started getting pretty pissed off, by Andreste…

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