Thalès and Google create a French cloud to escape US espionage

French defense company Thales has just entered into a partnership with Google. Target? Providing reliable and secure cloud computing services to store the most sensitive government data. It is a way to break free from the United States and its laws, in order to regain sovereignty in the cloud domain.

In May 2021, France recognized Technological superiority of the United States. Realizing that they could not catch up with Uncle Sam, the government decided to rely on his services.

Thus, Thales, the main supplier of European electronic defense systems, will cooperate with Google. Through the French company, the California giant’s cloud computing services will be used to store the most sensitive data from the government and private companies.

Thales x Google: Partnership on ‘Cloud of Trust’

together, Thalès and Google Cloud will create a company It is based in France, of which Thales will be the majority shareholder. This company will provide all Google Cloud services, but its networks and servers will be separate from those used by Google Cloud customers.

According to Mark Darmon, director of secure communications and information systems at Thales, the company will run Google software on its infrastructure. However, layers of security will be added to ensure cyber security and Data protection against foreign laws.

In fact, like American companies Amazon, Microsoft and Google completely dominate the global market cloud storage. One of the concerns of France and Europe is the danger of surveillance by the United States.

By adopting GAFAM cloud services, our companies and organizations are subject to The US Cloud Act was passed in 2018. This law gives US authorities access to data stored on US companies’ servers.

By joining forces with Google around a sovereign cloud, Thales frees itself from the United States and its legislation. So it is a way to better protect national data.

this is The cloud will offer the same features as Google, but will reside on French soil and will not be controlled by Google. It will therefore be subject to local regulations, such as the Data Protection Act or the European General Data Protection Regulation.

As Google Cloud evolves, Thalès will also be updated. however, Thales will carefully check each change before being put into production. The company will also ensure that customer support is delivered directly from France.

American Technology and French Sovereignty: The New Cloud Trend

This company created by Google and Thalès will compete with the company “Bleu”, co-created with Capgemini and current operator Orange It is based on cloud technology from Microsoft.

These alliances aim to create Local versions of public clouds is a novelty. There are already many small sovereign cloud service providers, and GAFAM is already providing its cloud services to governments.

For example, Google, Microsoft, and AWS are suppliers to the US government. however, This partnership remains unprecedented.

The Choosing Google as a supplier can be discussed. This cloud is generally considered to be less complete than Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. We can also regret that the French supplier OVH was not favored.

Partnership between Thales and Google It must first be approved by ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security). This is a prerequisite for receiving Label “cloud of trust” .

The ANSSI Director, Guillaume Poupard, has already welcomed the project. According to him, all the criteria required for obtaining the certificate have already been met. So this company should see the light of day in the first half of 2022, and Start operations in early 2023.

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