AI is just as dangerous as nuclear weapons, warns Eric Schmidt, ex-Google CEO

Eric Schmidt, the former head of the giant Google, fears the brutal development of artificial intelligence. Given that AI is as dangerous as nuclear weapons, it recommends that world powers, such as the United States or China, agree to a treaty of deterrence.

On July 22, 2022, Eric Schmidt, President of Google from 2001 to 2011, at the Aspen Security Forum (US). At a conference, the former CEO compared artificial intelligence to nuclear bombs.

Based on this comparison, Schmidt recommends that all major powers, such as the United States and China, work to createtrust relationship About artificial intelligence. The businessman believes that this relationship should be akin to a policy nuclear deterrent Implemented by many countries, including France.

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Eric Schmidt defends AI deterrence

Born from the ashes of World War II, this military strategy consists in acquiring nuclear weapons in the event of an attack from abroad. Prospectnuclear response Thus, it discourages the enemy from using its missiles. Under this theory, the attacker refrains from using nuclear weapons, thus maintaining peace between nations.

During the Cold War, this policy resulted in Banning secret nuclear testing. Concretely, any country that organizes nuclear tests should warn foreign powers. This rule prevents the attempt from being interpreted as an attack and causing a reaction.

“In the fifties and sixties of the last century, we finally created a world where rule reigns “without surprise” Regarding nuclear tests. […] You start to build a system where because you arm yourself or gear up, you run the same thing and then the other side. We don’t have anyone working on it, and yet the AI ​​is very powerful.”Eric Schmidt explains.

This policy should be applied to artificial intelligence, which would be just as dangerous as nuclear weapons, the billionaire asserts. The former leader of Google regrets itsimilar system Nuclear deterrence is not set up to oversee the development of artificial intelligence. Without barriers, the emergence of this technology could have disastrous consequences.

During his speech, the philanthropist imagined a future in which the United States and China should agree to develop artificial intelligence. Schmidt calls on these two world powers, which are investing heavily in AI-based technologies, to establish a nuclear-weapon-like deterrent treaty.

AI Challenge Fund

in a schmidt mirror, Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of the giant Google, believes that artificial intelligence should be absolutely regulated. In many interviews published in recent years, artificial intelligence has been compared to fire or electricity.

Advances in AI are still in their infancy, but I consider it the most profound technology humanity will ever work on and we need to make sure we tap into it for the benefit of society. […] And fire kills people. We have learned to control it for the good of humanity, but we have also learned to control its bad sides. »Sundar Pichai especially explained in 2018 in an interview with Recode.

To guide the development of artificial intelligence, Eric Schmidt created AI2050 Box last February. Dedicated to academics, this fund will inject $125 million in funding searching for “Hard problems” in artificial intelligence”. The initiative will focus specifically on algorithmic programming biases, geopolitical conflicts, and technology overreach.

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