How to get 1 TB of free cloud storage without paying 1 euro?

With the advent of cloud computing, online storage has become almost inevitable. This is for individuals as well as professionals and businesses. It is clear that if cloud services only have advantages, sometimes they also represent a huge cost. Fortunately, with a few tricks, it is possible to take advantage of a storage offer of up to 1 TB without paying a penny. So how do you get 1 TB of free cloud storage? Our answers!

Today, many people use the cloud services of Store a wide range of data. It must be said that having access to your data anytime and wherever you are from any device has everything to tempt you. Not to mention the guarantee of top-notch security and confidentiality.

But here’s the thing, between photos, HD videos, huge documents, music… A few gigabytes of free space Which most service providers offer is certainly not enough. To get more space, you will have to put your hand in your pocket and sign up for a subscription formula. However, not everyone is willing to spend a few dozen euros per month. So, is it really possible to get up to 1TB of free storage? The answer is yes! Discover our tips.

Get 1 TB of free cloud storage with pCloud software

If by registering on the platform pCloudYou are entitled to 10GB of free storage, it is possible to unlock more space and possibly get up to 1TB of free cloud storage.

In fact, pCloud offers a reward system that allows you to enjoy Extra free space By performing simple tasks. Like checking email, uploading files, or enabling auto upload. In addition, invite friendsYou get an additional 1 GB of space for each successful invitation.

By grouping invitations and small tasks, you can easily access several thousand gigabytes of additional space.

Get 1 TB of free cloud storage with OneDrive

In general, when you sign up for OneDrive You get 15 GB of free cloud space. And you have the opportunity to get additional free space in different ways.

First, you’ll get several additional gigabytes by becoming a Microsoft beta tester or by signing up for the Bing Rewards Program. In concrete terms, if you are using a Windows phone, all you have to do is Register for services or products Microsoft in exchange for storage space.

After that, OneDrive also offers Referral Bonus Which allows you to get 500MB of free space for each person you refer. This is whether it is a colleague, family member or friend.

Another way to get more space is to get a file Zone bonus. Concretely, by purchasing a Microsoft Surface device, you are entitled to 200GB of free OneDrive space. And that for two years. By combining these different bonuses, you can get up to 1 TB of free cloud storage.

And that’s not all! Because Microsoft is so generous, the computer giant gives you access to a full 1TB of free OneDrive space if you sign up for Microsoft Office 365.

Become a Google Maps member

You may not know it yet, but it is possible to enjoy 1TB of free cloud storage with Google Drive over a period of two years. To do this, you just have to become a member of the Google Maps program called local guide And published 200 contributions. Something you can totally achieve in just a few weeks.

Concretely, Local Guides are information sheets or cards related to the various public places and businesses listed on Google. These could be historic sites, public services, or parks. You can contribute to the list in five different ways:

  • Leave a comment about the place
  • Take a picture of the site. (fastest way)
  • Answer the questions Google asks you about the places you’ve visited
  • Add a location not listed in Google Maps.
  • Editing incorrect information in the form or adding information.

Thus, every time you contribute to a file, You will get one point. Once you get 200 points, you will be able to enjoy 1 TB of free cloud storage.

To become a member of the program, you will need to create a local guide account.

1 TB Free Cloud Storage: Use Cloud Storage Aggregator

Although most cloud service providers offer free storage Available for life in order to encourage new customers to sign up for their offer. In fact, no cloud platform allows you to enjoy 1TB of free cloud storage. Generally, you will only be able to enjoy a few GB and 100 GB at most without paying a single penny.

On the other hand, today there cloud aggregators Which allows you to get a large storage volume by combining all the existing services. In detail, cloud aggregators are online storage platforms but with a new angle. That the storage space is collected from several sources in one place and a unified storage unit.

Concretely, using a cloud aggregator, you can create a single volume of Google Drive, OneDrive, pcloud and synchronizationAnd the I am drivingand SugarSync and many other cloud services. As with any platform, you should be able to access your data from any device. Search for files Top 10 of the best clouds.

Choose the CBackup platform

Among the various cloud aggregators on the market today, CBackup is the standard. completely Free And the multi device, This tool provides central access to all stored files. It also provides automatic synchronization feature and AES 256-bit encryption protocol during data transfer. Note that CBackup also gives you 10GB of free space.

It should be noted that with CBackup you can Merge multiple accounts Google Drive Dropbox and OneDrive. And easily access 1TB of free cloud storage.

Intuitive and convenient, CBackup is amazing easy to use It is very easy take responsibilty. Once the software is installed and running on your device, all you have to do is sign up for a free account. Once your account is created, you can log in and start setting up your file backup.

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