Artificial intelligence software turns words into works of art

Artificial intelligence software DALL-E, from startup OpenAI, will allow millions of people to create illustrations simply from words.

The startup OpenAI will open its AI software DALL-E to a million people, so they can create illustrations, simply from verbal cues, and then use them in books, brochures or on the Internet, including for commercial purposes. This computer program can create images from carefully chosen words, such as “Baobab in the costume of a businessman looking up at the sky” or “Sea otter in the style of Johannes girl with pearl earring Vermeer». The program offers many original creations and the user can then improve his selection. It was “appearance” By machine learning, that is, by ingesting an astronomical database of images with descriptions.

“DALL-E, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that creates photo-realistic art from natural language descriptions, is now available in beta,” The San Francisco-based startup said in a statement. It plans to invite a million people on the waiting list over the next few weeks. These users will have “From today the right to commercialize the images they create with DALL-E, including the right to reprint and sell them,” says OpenAI, which was co-founded by Elon Musk in 2015. The Tesla boss left the company in 2018.

They will initially have 50 free credits, each credit allowing them to draft an application for the program, which responds with three or four images. The company has configured the software with safeguards to prevent users from creating pornographic, violent or political content, or even deepfakes, these distorted images depicting real characters in invented situations. She also confirmed that the machine does not produce certain human biases – and that it didn’t just present white men in their fifties in response to the description. “Executive Director”.

DALL-E has already been tested by a few creators, including Austrian artist Stefan Kutzenberger, who wanted to show What would a painter have looked like Egon Schiele» If he didn’t die at the age of 28, according to a recent release from OpenAI. Karen X-Cheng, a content designer, designed the first cover of the women’s magazine in June worldwide Created by AI software. “After several hours of trying hundreds of descriptions, I finally found the right one:”Low-angle, wide-angle view of an astronaut with an athletic female body confidently advancing towards the camera on Mars in an infinite world,” she wrote on Instagram.

Karen X-Cheng, a content designer, designed the first cover of the women’s magazine in June worldwide Created by AI software. – / France Press agency

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