You are being spied on every moment by the smart devices around you

Technology is constantly evolving and invading the lives of the majority of people around the world. We live in a world where technological devices are almost smarter than humans. They just need to be connected to the internet. This technology is called the Internet of Things or the Internet of Things.

Admittedly, the number of people browsing the Internet is increasing, but humans are not as fast as connected devices, which can exchange data and information. Thus, these high-tech devices are a double-edged sword because they can certainly make our daily lives easier but they can also be the cause of major problems. In fact, the fact that they are always online does not protect us from spying or hacking.

How do these trendy connected things help us?

Connected objects have managed to infiltrate our daily lives and are now an integral part of it. In fact, whether you are at home, in your car, in shopping malls or even in the office, connected things are there and collecting different types of data about you. On top of that, they are very likely to know a lot more about you than you think. In addition, the information they collect ends up on the Internet.

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So your smart thermostat collects data but will only be able to tell you the weather forecast if it’s connected to the internet. This is one example among many because there were already about 22 billion devices connected to the Internet in 2018, a number that could exceed 50 billion by 2030. Some collect video and audio through cameras and microphones while others monitor GPS location Your daily step count, respiration, and heart rate. Moreover, thanks to these features, the Apple Watch has already saved many lives.

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Related things expose us to any risks?

In a way, by using connected objects, we allow them to spy on our private lives. Let’s take the example of the smartphone, being one of the main vectors for collecting personal data. It allows malicious people to learn about our interests through the applications installed on it. There are also high-tech vacuum cleaners that have the ability to map your home.

In other words, smart devices collect data about users. Wherever you are, they make video and audio recordings of your every move. And even if manufacturers ensure that only automated decision-making systems and not humans can access your data, it can still be dangerous. In fact, even if access to this personal data is limited, the fact that it has access to the Internet exposes us to cyberattacks, and few consumer devices connected to the Internet are secure.

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How can this breach of privacy be reduced?

There are several ways to protect your personal information. To do this, you must have the reaction to deactivate the camera and microphone when you don’t need them. It is also necessary to update the firmware of your connected devices regularly to protect them from possible defects. You also have the option to disable the collection of data not related to the operation of the respective device.

Aside from your personal arrangements to protect your privacy, there is also the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Science Alert Reports. In fact, this regulation aims to protect your personal data by allowing you to control what information is collected. And always to protect yourself from hacks, take the time to learn about the data collected and the brand reputation of the connected device in relation to user privacy before any purchase.

Even when protecting themselves, everyone remains vulnerable

The best way to protect against IoT devices is to regularly update the firmware of the smart device and disable any data set that does not suit you in the settings. However, you will not always be able to do this, such as when you are in a shopping mall, in the office, or even on the street. So even people who do not own these devices are at risk.

It should be noted that many smart devices, such as cameras or smart speakers, may sometimes be disabled by users for privacy reasons. But the problem is that in the rare times when this option is possible, the devices are almost useless because they are not connected to the Internet.

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So, as always, prevention is better than cure. We must remain vigilant and take precautions against malicious people who wish to use your personal data across devices that are always connected to the Internet. Although it is strange to think that refrigerators or vacuum cleaners can cause us to lose, it is necessary to get used to refreshing them and turning them off when necessary.

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