News | An opera on racism and electric guitar in September in Montreal

Robin Brutus, tenor, will play jazz bassist Charlie Christian in Backstage Opera at Carnegie Hall. Right, top: Audrey Dwyer, songwriter, Tim Brady, composer. (Photos: courtesy)

A new opera, composed by Tim Brady to a stage script by Audrey Dwyer, will be performed in September at the Centaur Theatre. authorized Backstage at Carnegie HallThe work relives episodes from the life of guitarist Charlie Christian.

Opera Proposals, written by a Canadian playwright Audrey Dwyercan be summarized as follows:

“December 1939, backstage at Carnegie Hall, minutes before Charlie and Benny Goodman’s groundbreaking performance. For the first time, a black guitarist and a white clarinetist share the stage. At this moment, Charlie suffers a panic attack that sends him back in time. He finds himself confronted with Racism in the United States and Canada, and he will meet with historical figures such as singer Marianne Anderson and Lothier Orville Gibson and icon Rufus Rockhead, owner of a club in Montreal.”

The project was developed in cooperation with Black Theater Workshop in Montreal. This is produced by Bradyworks, co-stream with him free songs And the Swimming pool. The work is written in English and will be submitted with a French and English translation.

Five Canadian soloists make up the cast, Robin Brutus, Tenor (Charlie Christian), Frederica Little ManSopranos (Marian Anderson and pretender) Christopher Parker, Baritone (Rufus Rockhead, Clarence Christian and Demonstrator) Alicia Ault, Soprano (time traveler) and Clayton Kennedy Baritone (Benny Goodman, Orville Gibson and a policeman).

From a useful point of view, the result Tim Brady Dedicated to a chamber set consisting of a keyboard, violin, clarinet, bass and electric guitar. A starting stage will be provided by Sherissa Richards while the chef Veronique Loser He will lead the musicians.

This opera is the first in a cycle of four new chamber operas Tim BradyWhich wants to tackle the major issues of our time: racism, information control, abortion rights, space colonization, climate change and artificial intelligence.

This cycle of four operas is entitled Hope (and the dark matter of history), It will be presented from 2022 to 2026, and the second opera is entitled Informationin Montreal in October 1970, in the midst of the October Crisis.

Backstage will be presented at Carnegie Hall on September 24 and 25 at the Centaur Theatre. Tickets will go on sale from August 24 on the Centaur website.

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