How do you have the Internet without a box? Our five tips

Many people want to take advantage of being connected to the Internet without having to take the necessary steps to get a classic Internet transmitter. Fortunately, there are several solutions for Wi-Fi without a box. In this file we present to you Five tips to enjoy an internet connection without a box.

Why do you have internet without a box?

There are several reasons why the user wants to look for a different alternative to the classic Internet box. For the sake of economy, and for fear of commitment… Let’s first explain the motives for owning an internet without a box.

  • to save money. Even if some internet funds are offered at fairly reasonable prices, the fact remains that online subscription is a significant monthly expense. So it is quite understandable that some users would like to go for a much less expensive solution. With the economics argument, we can also cite the fact that not everyone benefits “fully” from their involvement in the triple play. In fact, some people use their Internet connection only to check their emails or use social networks via Wi-Fi, and therefore it may seem pointless for them to pay about thirty euros per month for a few gigabytes of Internet used per month.
  • To avoid a minimum 12-month commitment. In addition to saving a monthly amount, some users want to opt out of the classic Internet box to avoid the commitment period. In fact, when you sign up for an online subscription, you often get stuck for 12 (or even 24) months. A period when canceling your Internet receiver is more expensive.
  • Because the network in his house is ineffective. Yes, even if optical fiber is gradually replacing ADSL throughout the territory, there are still certain regions, towns and villages that lack good connectivity. So it is common, in these forgotten places, that users need an internet connection without a box.
  • To overcome the crash or Internet problem. Among the reasons why a user might get Wi-Fi without a box, we finally found the internet outage. Over the course of several hours or several days, it may happen that a network incident causes you to lose your internet connection. In these times, it can be helpful to know how to get online without a box.

Use 4G key

On the same principle as the 4G / 5G box, we find the 4G switch. It also works with a SIM card, and receives a 4G connection to turn it into a Wi-Fi network. But, unlike the 4G/5G box, 4G key must be accompanied by 4G package with nice data envelopewhich should be enough for daily use: watching videos, consulting emails, downloading files … In addition to buying a 4G key, you will have to pay a suitable mobile plan every month.

Fortunately, many operators, as part of their “secured Internet”, provide (on request) a 4G key to subscribers of their Internet box. This is particularly the case at Bouygues Telecom or SFR.

Use Connection Sharing

For people who don’t really want to have hardware to have a connection without a box, there is, of course, connection sharing. What is it ? It is simply providing the mobile network via the smartphone to another device (computer, tablet, etc.).

In addition to being a boxless internet solution that is simple and quick to setup (activation in smartphone settings), It turned out to be very economical. Because it is enough to have a smartphone compatible with connection sharing and to subscribe to a package with enough data to support connection sharing.

Connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot

Have you ever heard of free public Wi-Fi? These are called “hot spots”. These are Provide public wifi zones to users for free. They are often created by cafes, restaurants, or even performance halls, but they are very rare in the countryside and in less frequented environments. So if you live downtown and are near a free public hotspot, you can use it every day.

A word of caution: These public Wi-Fi networks are not secure and can be quite unstable depending on the number of people connected simultaneously.

Subscribe to a 4G / 5G box with an operator

Even if this internet display name contains the word “box”, a 4G/5G box is nothing like a classic internet box. For good reason, a 4G/5G box doesn’t work like a traditional modem. Instead of using ADSL or fiber optics, it captures, via an integrated SIM, a 4G or 5G network and Turns into an internet box. Thus, this solution is ideal for people who have a good 4G or 5G connection at home and who do not want to subscribe to a three-play internet box. In addition to being accessible (at around 30 euros per month), the 4G box has the advantage of being easy to install and use.

If you want to subscribe to the 4G/5G box, you will have to remember to check the best mobile coverage on your address and choose the offer accordingly. Example: A mobile network test tells you that the operator that picks up the best at your address is Orange, so it would be wise to subscribe to 4G Home from Orange to take advantage of the fastest internet connection.

Get a satellite subscription

Yes, satellite subscriptions still exist! For good reason, they allow tens of thousands of French people to take advantage of a high-speed connection, in the absence of optical fibres. Satellite communication is based on three elements: a ground station connected to terrestrial communication networks, a satellite in geostationary orbit and a dish, precisely oriented towards the satellite, installed at the customer’s premises. Satellite is the perfect solution for people who have poor ADSL connection and who are eagerly waiting to install fiber in their homes.

Even if getting a satellite subscription can have many advantages, it remains an expensive type of internet plan, compared to other offers. Dish installation, high monthly subscription price … Not the most economical solution.

No internet solution without a box is perfect for everyone. It all depends on your condition and daily habits. Therefore, for a boxless Internet, make an inventory of your desires and budget and choose the solution that suits you best.

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