Discover Objenious, Bouygues Telecom’s Internet of Things company

While Bouygues Telecom has established itself as a leading supplier of IoT networks based on Lora technology, the French telecom giant launched its branch entirely dedicated to connected things in February 2016. Its main ambition, dubbed Objenious, is to enable the operator to take full advantage of the IoT infrastructure with a commercial structure and consolidation of its presence in the connected object market.

Over the years, Bouygues Telecom has constantly confirmed and reconfirmed its growing interest in the Internet of Things. In February 2016, the company decided to seize market opportunities by deploying and operating its network Lorawan By launching its subsidiary company entirely dedicated to Connected Objects, Objenious. With its small team of about twenty people, Objenious aims to become global internet of things player. This, by providing all the flexibility necessary to meet the needs of customers as closely as possible.

Objenious Overview

With nearly 6 years of existence to reckon with, Objenious, the subsidiary company dedicated to the Internet of Things Bouygues Telecomis the first operator in France to deploy a LoRaWAN network entirely dedicated to connected things.

In detail, Objenious aims to support companies in their technology choice and development of their IoT projects and M2M. Especially using a solid material partner ecosystem and the LoRaWAN network. This is a low-power wideband network intended to improve and facilitate the connection of sensors to the Internet.

The startup also provides its clients with Spot platform (Smart Things Gateway, an Internet of Things platform for device management and data visualization. Concretely, SPOT enables businesses to cut And the Make sure to upgrade of their IoT solutions. While allowing improved management of various sensors. And this, regardless of its size and network.

It should be noted that the services offered by Objenious are intended for companies located in All sectors. Electronic banking, automotive, energy, security, construction, distribution, maintenance and health, as well as transportation and logistics. Furthermore, with nearly €4 million in sales (2018 number), the company has already won nearly 400 clients. Including Renault, Auchan Retail and SNCF.

A look back at Bouygues Telecom’s IoT brand history

As a reminder, Bouygues Telecom is one of the founding members ofLaura’s Alliance. A year before its IoT subsidiary, the group launched the first LoRaWAN. With Objenious, the group wanted to reaffirm its position in favor of the Internet of Things.

In its early days, startup LoRa’s infrastructure covered nearly fifteen French conglomerates. Today, it has more than 4,300 antennas spread all over France.

In addition to competing with its main competitor sigfox Taking advantage of the proliferation of international use cases, particularly in the transportation, logistics and public services sector, the company has signed several roaming agreements in all four corners. It has cooperated significantly with the Swiss operator Swisscom.

In June 2019, Objenious also signed a multi-year agreement with the Belgian company Proximus. This strategic partnership aims to Roaming Guarantee IoT devices and devices across France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Additionally, after a promising start in low-power IoT devices, the startup has begun focusing on more data-intensive devices. Such as drones, CCTV cameras or electric vehicle charging stations.

This is how it makes its IoT SIM XXL cellular plan available to businesses, including 5G. The latter aims to simplify IoT deployments and ensure better management of capabilities peak consumption. All while avoiding additional costs. This offer is available since June 15, 2021.

Finally, to confirm its growing interest in developing smart cities To highlight its expertise in this field, Objenious strengthened its partnership with QoS Telecomun in the first half of 2021. Objective? Equipped with nearly 1,200 IoT router operator carriers to support the growth Connected Bus Fleet.

Objenious’ LoraWAN Shutdown in 2024


Despite the success of its LoRaWAN network, Objenious a few months ago alerted its customers to the eventual shutdown of its network based on LoRa technology and associated services by the end of 2024. The announcement follows Bouygues Telecom’s decision to focus on its services. business strategy on Cellular Internet of Things. but also to provide services to its partners and end customers that are compatible with Technological developments from the market.

As for the Objenious Starter Offer, it will not be valid from September 1, 2022.

Today, the group therefore aspires to become the leading player in the multi-tech Internet of Things in France by offering to its customers LPWAN Networks in cellular. among them Note: The Internet of Things And the LTE-M With an ambition to offer national coverage by the end of 2022. Ultimately, Bouygues Telecom intends to become the primary multi-technology IoT operator by 2024. Which is the date when LTE-M and NB IoT should account for 50% of new connections.

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