TIBCO announces the availability of TIBCO Cloud EBX, the flagship version of SaaS data management

TIBCO Software Inc, the global leader in enterprise data processing, enables its customers to connect, standardize their data, and confidently predict the outcome of their activities in order to solve the most complex data-driven problems. Today, the publisher announced the launch of TIBCO Cloud™ EBX®, a flagship data management (MDM) as a service (SaaS) solution.

This solution allows users to manage data – master data, reference data, and metadata – from anywhere. Certification of the SaaS version of TIBCO EBX® accelerates the implementation of MDM initiatives within the company. The TIBCO Cloud EBX is included in the TIBCO Cloud™ Passport, the TIBCO Cloud™ Passport, which is the package for accessing TIBCO Cloud’s paid-as-you-go features. Companies can quickly develop their own MDM projects without operational complications.

Part of the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud, EBX provides a central access point for TIBCO’s data management solutions. It leverages iPaaS features and the platform’s powerful analytics capabilities, along with centralized management, scalability, and robust security services delivered through an ISO 27001 certified platform.

“The growing number of business applications hosted in the cloud has opened the doors to data to the point that organizations struggle to manage it. The need for robust data management and data compliance has never been greater with the advent of the cloud. “With TIBCO Cloud EBX, our customers benefit from a reliable and complete view of their data. This MDM SaaS solution provides seamless access to data visualization, data science, and model operation capabilities with TIBCO Cloud.”

The centerpiece of the Agile Data Fabric scheme, TIBCO Cloud EBX centralizes data management through an agile no-code/low-code platform. It delivers faster results, without neglecting risk management and compliance. The main features of TIBCO Cloud EBX are:

• Design of molds for more flexibility:

Organizations benefit from an incremental approach. Active management of their data enables users to manage it securely and track updates using guided workflows. This data lifecycle management ensures control over the management of versions (old, current, and future) of master data.

• Manage each data field:

With TIBCO Cloud EBX, customers have a multi-domain, cloud-native MDM solution for their master data, reference data, and metadata in a single view. Its powerful capabilities allow it to support any type of main hierarchy, and an unlimited number of alternative hierarchies. Users rely on explicit relationships between data. Its matching and consolidation feature makes setting matching rules easier than ever before, simplifying master record creation, data support, and traceability. Finally, its advanced search and query capabilities make life easier for all users thanks to a powerful and integrated language.

• Rapid integration and access to all data: Organizations easily import and export aggregated data, supporting various integration modes with REST and SOAP APIs. Finally, they can create value faster by leveraging their distributed data – on-premises, in the cloud, and in the hybrid cloud – and making it available wherever it is needed.

TIBCO Cloud EBX delivers unprecedented levels of governance and compliance, democratizing access to data and unleashing the full potential of collaboration. With the MDM-as-a-service model, the solution enables adaptability as the company grows, and provides the most complete multi-domain data management functionality available.

“TIBCO Cloud EBX offers new options for managing our data in all of our environments,” said Jean-Marc Vialati, Vice President, Supply Chain Group, Arkema. “This SaaS solution allows us to spread our data fabric across the globe with flexible cloud operations, scaling our usage up or down more easily. Managing Data as a Service ensures better control over our costs and more internal collaboration around shared data.”

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