Replaced by the Internet! La Poste is justified

red seal. La Poste has announced the upcoming cancellation of the red stamp, and its replacement with an online service. La Poste criticized defending itself.

[Mise à jour le 22 juillet à 14h20] It’s a change that has caused a lot of ink to flow… On July 21, 2022, La Poste announced that it would be ending the red stamp. Until now, a priority letter was allowed to be sent until it reached the recipient’s box the next day. The decision was made because the French use this service less and less. They now prefer digital. The red stamp was too expensive for the company and had significant environmental weight. So it seemed logical that the postal organization decided to put an end to it. So step out of this historical possibility, and replace it with a service that combines digital and paper-based (read below).

A choice by La Poste that has been the subject of many negative comments, some believe that this new device will exclude those who have difficulties with digital. But La Poste denies this: “For customers who are far from the digital world, it will be possible to send a red email from a post office, on a device or with the help of a consultant equipped with his Smartéo device.” In addition, the “green letter” device remains the same, allowing mail to be sent within three days.

Reservations to this new system also relate to the confidentiality of documents. Since messages sent via the new red e-mail must be printed by La Poste, questions have been raised about ensuring that the mail is not read by the postman responsible for printing it. It was just announced that the removal of the red stamp has drawn some criticism. But La Poste justifies its decision, considering that the reliability of the shipment now takes precedence over the speed of arrival: “If urgent shipments are decreasing, mail for daily use, mail of legal value and dispatch of small goods remain important to French society. Forecasts expressed by 22,000 professional and private customers focus who were consulted by La Poste on reliability of delivery, mail tracking services, and consideration for environmental impact.” And to realize that “the use of the red letter tends to disappear.”

Why was the red stamp removed?

La Poste’s historic red stamp will already be removed from the company, which allowed a priority letter to be sent which was then distributed within 24 hours to the recipient, in the French capital. But as with all postal services related to sending mail, its use has fallen sharply in recent years. So La Poste has chosen to end this service, as is, and replace it with a new product that mixes digital and paper delivery. It will be available from January 1, 2023.

So the red seal will be removed, mainly due to the change in communication habits and document transmission, as the Internet has revolutionized exchanges between people. “The use of the red letter tends to disappear; households sent 45 priority letters annually in 2010, and only 5 letters in 2021. Digital means, emails, SMS, etc. have been widely adopted for urgent shipments,” he explains. In one of the newspapers released.

If the red stamp is also removed in its current form, it is also intended for environmental issues and La Poste guarantees. According to her figures, switching to the red letter (and extending the delivery time for the green letter to three days instead of two) will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25%,

What will the red seal be replaced with?

The red seal, if it disappears in its current form, will be replaced by a new type of letter: “red e-letter”. This is a product that can meet the specific needs of urgent shipments, such as cancellation. Thus, the process will be digital and both paper: you will have to send your letter to La Poste, before 8 pm, which will then be printed by the La Poste Center located near the recipient and distributed the next day. The offer to be made to 1,49 euros For 1.43 euros for the current red letter.

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