They Made Terminator T-800 Using Its Own Artificial Intelligence And Raspberry Pi, But Now Don’t Worry

Using a Raspberry Pi 4, this guy was able to recreate the Terminator T-800 head. Yes, the very villain in the movie franchise that many anticipate for the immediate future of humanity. but relax, It’s just a reconstruction of the scale of his mineral skull. So no need to worry now.

The project was directed by YouTube Channel Manager Michael Darby 314 reactors. Using the power of the Raspberry Pi 4, he was able to attach a camera to the eye of the skull model. In addition, it also has a loudspeaker that allows the robot to make sounds. One of the best features of his creation is that this Terminator Powered by Raspberry Pi 4 capable of object recognition In his field of view, it’s all thanks to machine learning.

In the video Darby uploaded to YouTube, we can’t just see what he looks like. It also shows how it works with the Raspberry Pi 4 and various AI solutions. real salute to break Which allows us to delve deeper into the world of artificial intelligence.

This version of the Terminator combines a Raspberry Pi 4, a camera, a speaker, and a chatbot

In the meantime, Darby’s Terminator is also capable of holding a conversation. At least that’s what the user showed in the video he uploaded to his YouTube channel. As he describes in the post, his creativity can discover things, discover me, Listen to what I say, turn it into text, and pass it on to the chatbot and provide a text-to-speech response.

But don’t get delusional about his physical appearance. Although it appears that everything has been functionally recreated, it is not. This is a case that Darby found on eBay After trying to create an awesome result. However, this case features LED eye lights and a finish eerily similar to the original model.

Moreover, Parts such as the eyes are allowed to be removed. The camera was able to place it in the desired area without any problems.

How exactly does AI work in Terminator? Hassan. Thanks to the inclusion of Adafruit BrainCraft HAT, Darby was able to bring simple artificial intelligence to his model. This gadget has all the technology to easily flood your Raspberry Pi with intelligence, and that’s what it does Youtube in his video.

If you want to look at the code that Darby used to program the T-800 Terminator, you can. In fact, Location Youtube Release it as open source (Open Source), so if you want to tweak it and try additional ideas, the choice is yours. All you have to do is go to his profile on github. But don’t do anything that endangers humanity.

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